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Video Series

Our acclaimed Video Series. Giving a fresh look into warranties and the motor trade.
Crystal Clear Warranty Video Challenge for BEN! We pledge to turn your video views into a charity donation to BEN, who help people connected with the motor industry at a time of need.

£1,000 already donated!
Thanks to the views we recieved so far we have donated £1,000 towards good causes! Let's keep the good vibes going with our ongoing episodes below!
Crystal Clear Warranty Video Series. Keep up to date with our video releases!

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Discover how the Crystal Clear Warranty can benefit your business.

Crystal Clear Warranty delivers 100% of expired warranty fund to you
Take control of your warranty and customer aftersales experience
Expert warranty claims handling, guidance and monitoring
All our warranty solutions enable you to keep the "claims pot" in-house
Warranty solutions to benefit car,van, and motorcycle dealers

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Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Home of the Crystal Clear Warranty. Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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About Warranty Administration Services Ltd
Established in 1984, we are the pioneers of used car dealer self-funded warranty. The Crystal Clear Warranty helps used car dealers take control of their warranty and aftersales experience, and allows them profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

If you're frustrated with your current warranty provider, call us today on 01522 515600, or click to read more about our warranties.

Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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