Listening To The Dealers

Old Warranty BooksWe like to think that the name Warranty Administration Services Ltd, has been synonymous with delivering innovative solutions to the motor trade. Way back in 1984, we pioneered the self-funded warranty, and the product has never looked back.

Fast forward to 2013, and this year we introduce a new and exciting car dealer warranty. One designed for small used car dealers and home traders as an affordable, straight-talking warranty solution.


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The new warranty called Driveline+ or “Driveline Plus” as you would say it, is the result of listening to the views of many small dealers and home traders. We noticed two recurring common problems.

One. Many small dealers and home traders find that “a lack of providing a warranty” holds their business back. Customers expect a warranty when buying a car from a dealer it seems.

And two. Small dealers and traders are frustrated by the inflexibility of warranty providers to meet their needs, because of the presumed high risk attached to the small number of cars they sell. Driveline+ is our answer to these problems!

Driveline+ is a used car warranty with no risk, and is not bound or restricted by the FCA. The cover level is “drive line” focussed, so it covers the important items on the car, and also covers a few extra components. That’s the “plus” part! In order to keep the costs as competitive as possible, we have excluded the “bells and whistles” that more comprehensive, and in-turn, more expensive warranties include.

Warranty Administration Services LtdPolicy registration is completed online, and only takes a minute to create and print your agreement paperwork, ready to hand over to the customer during the sale.

This is why Driveline+ is a fantastic warranty solution for small used car dealers, and newly established home traders. It is a straight talking competitively priced level of cover, easy to understand, and easy to sell. Also, unlike more expensive warranties, there are no “minimum orders” with Driveline+.

If you’re a small used car dealer or a home trader looking for a straight-talking no risk warranty, backed by a motor trade service provider with over 30 years experience, then Driveline+ could be the answer for you.

To find our more, give us a call on 01522 515600, or click here to download an information pack.