Top 6 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to make your life easier

Were you ever like me and thought that the “Windows” key was just for popping up the start menu on your computer?  Well, that was my relationship with my Windows k​​ey until one day when in the middle of doing some work, my screen suddenly locked itself.

Actually, it hadn’t.  I did it.  Unwittingly I had made use of a really useful keyboard shortcut.  It took me a while to realise what I had done, but it set me off on a little voyage of discovery into the world of keyboard shortcuts.  Below are some of my favourites.  You may already be familiar with them, or you might even have some gems of your own – if you do, do let me know, I would love to hear about them.

1:  Windows Key  + L.  Hold down the windows key and press L.  It locks your screen (so that you have to do CTRL, ALT and DELETE to log back in again).  This is a fantastic little shortcut that keeps your screen protected from prying eyes if you have to leave your desk unattended.  Why not make it part of your Data Protection culture?

2: Windows Key + E. Hold down the windows key and press E.  Opens Windows Explorer.  Simple as that.  If you need to navigate to a file, gives you a real head start.  Especially useful if you are on the telephone to a customer and need to get to “that file” fast.

3: Windows Key + D. Hold down the windows key and press D. Have you ever spent “forever” minimising stuff to get to a file on your desktop, wondering when on earth you opened all these programmes?  Well, this shortcut will minimise everything in one hit!  Bonus time, because it is actually a toggle, so if you do it again, it puts them all back again!

4: CTRL + Z. Hold down the CTRL key and press Z.  Whatever you just did, it undoes it.  Otherwise known as the Oops** shortcut.  (** insert your own expletive as required).   Typed the wrong thing in Word?  CTRL+Z undoes it.  Deleted the wrong email in Outlook?  CTRL+Z fetches it back.  In fact, if you’ve just made a mistake, this one is always worth a try.

5: In Microsoft Office documents, one of my favourites is F12.  Simple press the F12 key and the Save As box pops up.  Get in to the habit of using this, and the chances of files getting accidentally saved over are much reduced.

6:  In Outlook, CTRL + 2. Hold down the CTRL key and press 2.  It will take you straight to your calendar.  Another easy one for when you are on the phone.  For that matter, try CTRL+1, CTRL+3, etc.

Well, these are just a few of the shortcuts I carry about with me wherever I go.  They save me so much time.  Have a go and see how much time they can save for you.  Have fun!

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Hendy Staff Complete Sponsored Bike Ride!

Andy Clarke of Hendy Used Cars at Eastleigh joined Rose Joseph and  Vanessa McNamara of the Hendy Business Team, for a 60-mile charity bike ride through the New Forest.

Our friends at Hendy were raising money for HAEUK, a charity dedicated to supporting people who suffer from hereditary angioedema. Rose has the condition herself.

“I’m in control of my condition,” Rose told us, “but not everyone is so lucky. HAEUK is fighting for us all to have this kind of life, which is why this charity is so special to me.”

They rode on the 14th of September, and Rose brought back news of how it went. Over to her.

Rose Joseph reports:


After 7 months of training the day finally arrived.  By this time our original team of three had increased to ten keen cyclists. We had trained for months and met many obstacles – bad backs, hand swellings, ear infections to name but a few – but at last we were ready.

We met at Brockenhurst College just before 8am on the day of the ride and mentally prepared ourselves for the long day ahead. We snapped a few photos and headed off, the group sticking together for the first 10 miles before splitting up. The two young lads James and Elliot sped off ahead, followed by the two oldies Rose and Leyon hot on their heels.  Not too far behind were Andy & Steve, and bringing up the rear were Ness, Jo, Carl and Nina.

The first 30 miles were a breeze. The going was easy, it was lovely and flat – it looked like a doddle, or so we thought! The second half of the ride was extremely hilly and hard going. Andy suffered a knee injury and had to take a gentler 45-mile route, and courageous Steve plodded on by himself.  Sadly disaster came his way too and he injured his leg at the 45-mile point and lay on the side of the road in agony waiting for help to arrive. This never came, so he had to call home for a rescue. This was the end of the ride for poor Steve.

We arrived at the Cuckoo pub 45 miles into the ride to find James & Elliot enjoying well earned refreshments and complaining of aching legs. We waited here for 45 minutes for the rest of our team, but eventually decided to continue without them.  Leyon and I were extremely pleased to see the finish line ahead at the 62 mile-mark and enjoyed a large coffee and hog roast. We timed our ride at 5 hours and 10 minutes.

We sat ourselves down on the grass and waited the rest of team HAE/HENDY. An hour and half later they crossed the finish line, coming in at just over 6 hours.  An incredible day was had by all coupled with sore bums and legs.

Approximate funds raised for HAEuk:

Ness: £400, Carl & Nina: £140, James: £85, Steve: £120, Elliot: £60, Andy: £60, Leyon: £150, Jo: £250, Rose: £1270 (Rose’s money will be doubled by Shire Pharmaceuticals).

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2014 Showing Increase In Bike Sales

Latest figures from the MCIA reveal a continued climb in new and used motorcycle sales in August 2014.

Motorcycle sales in August 2014 reveal a steady climb compared to the same period in 2013. A total of 6,980 new bikes were sold in August showing a 6.6% climb in new registrations on the previous year.

The Naked and Scooter categories proved most popular in new bike sales with the Honda CBF 125 registering 145 units, and Honda PCX 125 registering 136 units respectively.

In the Sports category, the Kawasaki Z1000 SX lead the way, whilst the learner appealing Yamaha YZF R125 lead the SuperSports field.

Highest Registering Model August 2014 Within Each Category

Adventure Sport – Yamaha WR 125 X 76
Custom – Harley-Davidson SPORTSTER N 883 45
Naked – Honda CBF 125 M 145
Scooter – Honda PCX 125 136
Sport/Tourer – Kawasaki Z1000 SX 57
SuperSport – Yamaha YZF R125 171
Touring – BMW R 1200 RT 10
Trail/Enduro – Honda CRF 250 L 21

Total Sales in August 2014 By Manufacturer

  1. Honda – 1,134
  2. Yamaha – 973
  3. Triumph – 401
  4. Piaggio – 376
  5. Kawasaki – 325
  6. Lexmoto – 287
  7. Harley Davidson – 259
  8. BMW – 248
  9. Suzuki – 241
  10. KTM – 239


Vauxhall No Longer Offer Lifetime Warranty

Car manufacturer Vauxhall will no longer offer a “lifetime 100,000 mile” warranty. From January 2015 all new cars and vans will instead only be covered for 3 years or 60,000 miles.

This news comes only four years after the manufacturer launched the lifetime / 100,000 mile warranty scheme back in 2010,  and only a matter of days after Vauxhall’s announced that some new Vauxhall Corsa and Vauxhall Adam owners should not drive their cars due to a steering wheel fault.

Vauxhall’s chairman and managing director Tim Tozer has credited this to the changing ownership landscape and significant investment in new technology as key drivers for the change.

Mr Tozer said: ‘In today’s market, 65 per cent of retail sales are supported by a finance package and within that, over 60 per cent are PCPs. This has dramatically changed ownership patterns resulting in fewer customers retaining their cars beyond three years.

‘Couple this with a €4 billion investment in high technology powertrains and state of the art new products and it no longer makes business sense to invest in 100,000 mile warranty cover. We will continue to focus our investment on providing our customers with a high quality and satisfying experience, both at dealer and company level, throughout their purchase and ownership period.’

Existing vehicles with a Lifetime Warranty will still be covered for up to 100,000 miles whilst the vehicle remains with the first owner, subject to annual validation and servicing. Vauxhall has said that the new 3 year / 60,000 mile warranty will be transferable though.

Paperless Road Tax

After much planning and preparation the traditional UK paper vehicle tax disc, is being phased out. This change will also impact on the governing of transferring of tax when cars are sold.

From today, Wednesday 1st of October, you will no longer need to display a traditional paper tax disc in your car, or on your motorcycle.

“Announced as part of Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement in December 2013, the Vehicle Excise Duty car tax system is moving to a fully digital service.”

If you have a tax disc with any months left to run after this date, then it can be removed from your vehicle and destroyed.

Under the new scheme, there are three ways to pay for your tax – online at the DVLA’s website, over the telephone on 0300 123 4321, or at the Post Office. As usual, the DVLA will still send you a V11 renewal reminder when your vehicle tax is due to expire.

Under the new rules, tax can no longer be transferred between vehicle owners. This means that when you, as the registered owner, sell a car, you will get a refund of any remaining full months of tax when you inform the DVLA that you no longer own it. There is no need to fill in a form to claim the refund.

“If you are buying a car, you must get new vehicle tax in your name before you can drive it.”

You can tax the vehicle using the New Keeper Supplement (V5C/2) part of the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) online or by using an automated phone service.

“The number is 0300 123 4321 and the DVLA says it will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

If you wish to make a Statutory Off-Road Notification (SORN) for your vehicle, you can apply online to do this using the 16-digit reference number from your vehicle tax renewal reminder (V11) or 11-digit reference number from your log book (V5C).

The police and other enforcement agencies will use the DVLA’s online register to ensure that a vehicle has valid tax. Therefore, it is vital to ensure your correct details are aligned with your car. Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras will enforce the new system by catching motorists who have avoided payment.

From November, motorists will also be able to pay for their vehicle tax via direct debit, in addition to the standard six-month and 12-month options.

Early tweets from trade and retail users online have expressed frustration with the new system, and have been unable to purchase the tax they require. Later reports on the day of launch reveal the website may have crashed causing frustration for users.

“The RAC estimates that switching to a paperless tax system could cost the UK Government up to £167 million. That far outstrips the £10 million worth of savings the DVLA says it will make with the new system.”

The research also found that one in three people were unaware of the changes, and the DVLA has been criticised for not informing the public of its changes sooner.