Sheffield Used Car Dealer Hits the Right Notes For Charity

Sheffield dealership and service centre Mike Brewer Motors helps two children’s charities by raising over £500 for each-as one of their staff members sang in public.

Both ‘Cash For Kids’– who help disabled and disadvantaged children aged 0 to 18 years across 21 areas in the UK, and ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’- who aim to provide relief from the affects of bereavement to young people up to and including the age of 18 years who have suffered the loss of a parent serving with the British Armed Forces were delighted with the donation, from Bramall Lane dealership Mike Brewer Motors. TV presenter Mike Brewer was in America, filming the next season of Wheeler Dealers; so colleague Lee Holland was on hand to deliver the donations.

Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty's Little Soldiers Charity
Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty’s Little Soldiers Charity

He said:
“It has been amazing to be in the position to raise so much to help two fantastic causes, so early in 2015. Both Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash For Kids do great work- all throughout the year; and we’re proud to help. We’d like to thank our local M&S store for allowing us to fundraise there, and to every member of the public that donated over the three days I was performing. Safe to say, I had no voice by the end of the three days; but it was certainly worth it!”


Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors
Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors

Lee Holland, from Mike Brewer Motors, in the process of raising funds by singing in Marks & Spencer Chesterfield

Louise Davies, Charity Manager for Cash For Kids added:
“It is fantastic to be chosen to receive such a valuable donation, and we are very grateful to Mike Brewer Motors, and the public for donating. This money will be distributed in our Spring Grant Round to support sick, disabled and disadvantaged children living in South Yorkshire.”

If you would like to donate to either charity, please visit or

Mike Brewer Motors

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Facebook & LinkedIn Developing New “At Work” Platforms

Social networking giants Facebook and LinkedIn are busy developing new business focused social platforms, for companies to enable their staff to collaborate and share information. Could this be a useful tool for car dealers?

Facebook has launched it’s new ‘Facebook at Work’ platform which will take on similar collaborative network solutions like Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack, Convo, Socialcast, and a number of others who are trying to tackle the “enterprise social network” space.

Not to be confused with your typical social network with endless streams of cat photos and videos of cute animals dancing, Facebook is developing a new business orientated space called Facebook At Work. Housed within the Facebook environment, this new separate space within the Facebook universe will allow companies and their staff to share information and collaborate within. A bit like an Intranet!

“Facebook at Work is a tool for co-workers to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment on Facebook.” – Facebook Website.

Checking out the Facebook website today I found support and help guides, and a registration form where businesses to sign up to the new platform.


LinkedIn Logo

Eying the opportunities, professional network giant LinkedIn has also hinted at creating it’s own enterprise social network for employees to share contact information, as well as something intended to help companies share its content with specific employee groups. The LinkedIn solution according to, will not boast a chat feature.

Lars Rasmussen, an engineering director leading the London-based Facebook at Work project told the Financial Times: “Facebook has become a bigger and bigger part of our work day. We’ve been discussing it for years so now we’re making the first externally available product.”

A Facebook at Work app has apparently been made available to a selected group of pilot companies and the social network has outsourced the service to a number of partners in an attempt to fine-tune the platform before its launch.


Could these new internal business networks be a useful tool for car dealers?

With so many work focused collaborative software options available from big name players including Microsoft, I imagine larger dealer groups would have some form of preexisting intranet in place with existing software license commitments too.

However if the Facebook and LinkedIn solutions are free to use, possibly supported by advertising, they could drive a a lot of small to medium sized dealerships to take advantage of the collaborative power of the technology.


When the two platforms are released I shall hopefully have a more in-depth look! Thank you for reading this post on the WAS Blog!

New Benefits For WAS Clients

Happy New Year! Now let’s make it a prosperous one.

This year, Warranty Administration Services Ltd (WAS) are committed to making a major investment to further develop our products and services to deliver enhanced value to our customers. Marketing and re-marketing are areas in which we will be developing systems to assist you in keeping in touch with your own customers with up-to-date offers and real time news.


Your Own Promotional Warranty Page Insert

The first stage of this will be to make another page available on our customers guarantee paperwork to add a silent salesman. This page will be unique to you and can contain any information you wish to promote to your customers.

New Benefits For WAS Warranty Clients
The Crystal Clear Warranty


Our Referral System – Redesigned!

Another change we have immediately instigated is a major overhaul to our referral system. Over the last 18 months, we have rewarded any dealer who refers a friend who subsequently took up our self-funded guarantee scheme with a case of wine of their choice valued up to £100.

This year we are improving our reward.

The case of wine still stands as a personal thank you to the individual who made the referral. Now, as a massive added incentive to pass on our details, we are also going to reward the refering dealership with a monthly credit note equal to the value of the referred garages’ first 3 admin fee invoices.


Real Financial Rewards

This added incentive could bring a customer up to £1200 in credit by referring a garage who retails just 20 vehicles per month.

There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made, or credit that can be earned under this referral system, so if you are one of our clients, please call if you can think of any friends or contacts in the motor trade who would also benefit from the guarantee scheme that you already use.