Furious 7: What Happened To The Cars?

The cameras have finished rolling. The movie stars have performed their lines. The lights have dropped, and it’s time to wrap up filming of the latest installment in the global hit movie franchise, ‘Furious 7’. But what happened to all the exotic classic cars that graced each scene and tore up the roads in death-defying chase sequences?

Not long after cameras have stopped rolling for ‘Furious 7’ and the crew have concluded months of filming the hit movie series, we ask, what happened to the other “star attractions” of the movie?

As the lead actors take to the red carpets to sign autographs for adoring fans and promote the blockbuster spectacle, what happened to the tons of shiny exoctic metal that graced most of the scenes? The thousands of dollars worth of motoring eye-candy that no doubt sent hearts racing as they in turn, raced through dramatic sequences set within stunning international vistas. So what happened to the cars featured in Furious 7 after the cameras stopped rolling?

Now remember that not all the vehicles make it out of the movie in the same pristine condition as when they rolled in!

Many of the cars were always destined to simply feature in sick explosions and crashes, eventually ending up on a pile of other brand new cars after their one shining moment on the big screen!


After shooting screaming car chases on a twisty mountain road west of Colorado Springs, a scrap dealer named Richard Jansen received a call.

Somebody from the movie had seen his “we buy junk cars” highway sign, and wondered if the owner of Bonnie’s Car Crushers could haul away 20 or 30 vehicles smashed beyond repair, including several black Mercedes-Benzes, a Ford Crown Victoria and a Mitsubishi Montero.

Then Mr. Jansen and his crew then spent several days hauling the cars away, and the filmmakers insisted he shred or crush them all, to prevent anyone from fixing one up and getting hurt in a damaged movie car.

Furious 7 Cars: Photo by Jeff Curry
Photo by Jeff Curry

As you read this, a large, black, scrap-metal cube featuring the hallmarks of a Mercedes Benz once driven in a “Furious 7” car chase scene, exists somewhere in the world. “It was kind of unusual, to see some late-model Mercedes-Benzes, all crunched up and good for nothing,” Mr. Jansen says.

The Wall Street Journal reports More than 230 cars were destroyed and crushed in the fallout of shooting Furious 7, but hey, it’s the movie business right!

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Image credit Daremoshiranai via Flickr.

What is the cost of saying hello?

What is the cost of saying hello? Our resident database guru and business entrepreneur Rob Purle asks a very searching question!

I had a meeting recently with a lady who acts as a Finance Director for SMEs to assist them through periods of change or growth.

During our conversation, she made the point that not only does she consider the obvious finance of a business; expenses, salaries, revenues and so on, but also what it might cost a business if, for example, the telephone is answered in the wrong way.  Unhelpful, inattentive receptionists and the like.

 In other words, what is the cost of saying “hello”?

 It set me thinking.

As fate would have it, on the very same day, I was listening to a presentation by a sign-writer, and he told the story of a client for whom he had created some temporary signs designed to be in use for just three months, yet were still in use many months later when he visited his client.  They were, unsurprisingly, looking rather shabby.  In the client’s eyes, however, they still looked “perfect”.

It set me thinking.

What else have we become so accustomed to in our daily lives that we cannot see (or hear) what our customers see and hear?  How do we “say hello” to our customers?  Is the culture in our business costing us money?  If our customer decides to give their cash to a competitor just because we can’t say hello properly, what is the value of the business lost?

When I started thinking about it, we say hello all over the place!  Yes, it is how we answer the telephone.  Yes, it is how smart the signs are above the door.  It is in many other ways too, and you will be able to create your own list.

  • Do our websites make customers want to say hello?  Can they even find our contact details?
  • Are the company vehicles clean and cared for? Are they driven courteously and professionally?
  • Do we turn up late for meetings?   Do we respond in a timely fashion to enquiries (and just as importantly, complaints)?

This list will have many similarities for all businesses, and no doubt some special ones of our own, but I suggest it is a list worth making, then take a step back, and look at what you see with a fresh pair of eyes.

Does the way in which we “say hello” suggest that we care?  Would you give your hard-earned cash to someone you thought didn’t care?

Makes you think!

Meet The Author
The author of this post Rob Purle has been a trusted partner to WAS for many years, and a vital part of our internal database development and strategy. You can visit Rob’s  website by clicking here: www.purleltd.com

Image credit Flazingo Photos via Flickr.

UK New Car Sales March 2015 “Longest Period Of Growth”

Buckle yourselves in! For the 37th consecutive month the UK car market has experienced growth, with March 2015 being “the best month this century” for new car registrations!

  • UK new car sales March 2015 figures reveal best month this century with nearly half a million cars registered in March, up 6.0% on same month last year.
  • Fleet market continues to drive growth‎.
  • New car market grew 12.0% in February with 76,958 cars registered.

Figures released today by the SMMT reveal a record breaking 492,774 cars were registered in March 2015. These UK New Car Sales 2015 figures indicate this is the best month since the twice-yearly number plate changes were introduced in 1999! Registrations so far this year have increased by 6.8% to 734,588.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “The best month this century for new car registrations is a welcome boost for the UK’s thriving automotive sector. The challenge for a new government and industry will be to maintain this momentum and to strengthen Britain’s manufacturing capabilities through continued investment, innovation and policies which maintain our global competitiveness. Whatever the general election result, the new government must keep up the commitment to the sector which is delivering at home and abroad.”

Looking back a month further, February is traditionally one of the quietest months of the year ahead of a number plate change in March, yet the market grew 12.0% with 76,958 new cars registered.

“The UK car market’s sustained expansion is the longest ever seen, beating the previous record of 26 months set in the late 1980’s” – SMMT.

The number of new cars registered has risen every month since March 2012, as the UK continues to bounce back from the recession and consumer demand has been driven by exciting new products and attractive finance deals.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive said, “Three years of continuous growth in the new car market is remarkable and reflects the strong upturn in the confidence of UK car buyers since the recession.”

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Potterhanworth To Paris Charity Cycle Challenge

Our friends from Andrews Car Centre in Lincoln are set to undertake a 500 mile cycle challenge from Potterhanworth to Paris, all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support!

We love to hear about good deeds, especially when people in the motor trade go that “extra mile” for a fantastic cause. In a few weeks time on the on the 23rd of May 2015, our friends Michael Andrews and Lewis Robinson from Andrews Car Centre will begin a gruelling cycle journey from Potterhanworth in Lincolnshire, to the heart of Paris to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. That’s an amazing 500 mile journey!


Michael added, “My 13 year old son will be joining us for the last leg in France (still over 100 miles). Of course to do this he needs a new bike, helmet, shoes, but hey! It gets him off his Xbox that in itself is an achievement!”

“The challenge all started out with a chat over a few beers in our local pub. Well that’s not strictly correct – it was a lot of beers! Lewis has been training in the gym on the weights, and I been cycling many miles, even to work and back! Think of the fuel I am saving!”


“Our company Andrews Car Centre will donate £50.00 for each car sold while we cycle the 500 miles. I am sure it wasn’t that far when we originally discussed it, madness I know!”

If anyone would like to sponsor Michael and Lewis for their fantastic efforts, please follow this link to visit their Just Giving Sponsorship Page.

Everyone at WAS would like to wish them the very best of luck, and we have been happy to donate £100.00 to the cause!

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Motortrademe. The Trade-Only Motor Dealer Network

Calling all professional Motor Dealers! Motortrademe is an experienced trade-only dealer network, that has been designed and built by industry experts to solve the frustrations that is common to most dealers using existing platforms.


Dealers often comment that there is a need for a more reputable and cost effective alternative for disposal and stocking. Concerns with risk are often the barrier to fully realising the cost benefits that existing alternative routes offer. The risks are almost always down to the quality of the network. As a result, dealers often spend far more of their budget than necessary by dictating one stocking and disposal route over another, without ever revisiting the cost saving potential that could be realised with a fixed cost* approach versus current variable fees.

Dealers also miss the potential additional returns such as instant underwrites, real world market valuations and fast trade turnarounds on unwanted part exchanges that instant buy-it-now trade sales platforms offer.


Motortrademe Trade Only Dealer Network

Motortrademe is dedicated to bringing together professional members of the trade, in order to build a trusted network of like-minded fellow dealers where you can reliably source and dispose of good quality stock, without having to safeguard against poor trade practices.

Our members contribute to the success of this platform, and good trading practice is fundamental to delivering long term value, quality of service and overall sustainability. Therefore we have developed a vetting system that ensures that our members are legitimately from the trade and have been in the industry long enough to share our values and philosophy.

“Underpinned by a commitment to deliver a quality and affordable service we have ensured that Motortrademe is easy to use, and minimises the amount of administration for both buyers and sellers through your sales process.”

With your support, we commit to continue to build on this philosophy with technology and services that will help all of our our members develop and grow their business.

Please visit www.motortrade.me and apply today for your free 30 day trial account and see for yourself the benefits and value that Motortrademe has to offer.

* Our pricing plans are cost effective, simple and straightforward. Selling stock on Motortrademe is free of charge, while a full account at £50 p/m enables subscribers to purchase and sell on the platform. 


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