The New Consumer Rights Act 2015

The new Consumer Rights Act 2015, and how it might affect you as a used car dealer in the UK.

In case you’ve been stuck under the car ramp this past month, or buried under a load of paperwork, there’s a been a significant change to consumer law which will affect anyone in retail. So this could be quite important! The new Consumer Rights Act 2015 which came into play on the 1st October 2015 now potentially gives car buyers and owners, more power to hand their cars back if they’re not happy, and fight for refunds within the first 30 days if there’s a fault. The consumer also has the option to take action for rejection, refund, or replacement after just one failed repair attempt.

Digital products are also now included in the new Consumer Rights Act 2015. This means that if installing or updating software causes a fault on a system, the seller is liable for any damage it causes. Given the amount of navigation software,  engine software and updates, phone connection technologies, and even “apps” that can be used in the cabin, this is quite an important part of the new law.

We are presently writing a more extensive look at the the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 in the coming weeks, so please keep an eye on our blog.

For a full read of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, please visit the government:

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VW Emissions Latest News Summary

News Summary: The latest VW news following the emissions scandal.

VW announces spending cuts

13th October 2015
Europe’s biggest carmaker the Volkswagen Group, has just announced €1bn (£750m) of spending cuts within its central VW division to fund a product overhaul following the emissions testing scandal, and create a new focus towards cleaner electric powered cars.

The chief executive of the VW brand Herbert Diess said he would overhaul the division’s strategy to concentrate on electric and hybrid vehicles, and revamp all diesel cars and vans to feature cleaner exhaust emissions systems.

Third of VW vehicles in the UK need significant repairs

12th October 2015
Head of Volkswagen UK operations advises that a third of VW vehicles in the UK will need significant hardware repairs which might not be completed until the end of 2016.

UK minister says VW deserves to suffer substantial losses

12th October 2015
Volkswagen deserves to suffer “substantial damage” because of the diesel emissions scandal that has affected 11 million vehicles worldwide, the British transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin told MPs at the Commons transport select committee.

Referring to VW’s use of adaptive emissions sensing software to cheat emissions tests, he said: “These devices were made illegal in 1998 and it is unbelievable to think a company the size and reputation of VW have been doing something like this. They are going to suffer very substantial damage as a result and they deserve to.”

VW to recall 1,950 vehicle in China

12th October 2015
Perhaps a lesser headache for Volkswagen, which has announced it would recall 1,950 vehicles in China to correct engine emissions software saying, ““Volkswagen would like to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers,” it said in a statement. “We would like to assure that we will do everything humanly possible to win back trust and take care of any concerns.”

The vehicles include 1,946 imported Tiguan compact sport-utility vehicles and four Passat models.

Leonardo DiCaprio to produce Volkswagen scandal film

13th October 2015
Leonardo DiCaprio is to produce a film about the Volkswagen emissions scandal. His own production company Appian Way and Paramount Pictures have bought the rights to an as-yet-unwritten book about the scandal, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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The Gold Standard Of “Business To Business”

Our very own Jo Rimmer awarded BNI Gold Membership within Business Network International. An achievement that recognises her outstanding record of introducing local businesses to the regional BNI Chapter!

BNI is a global network of members divided up into local Chapters, and our very own Operations Director Jo Rimmer is a highly proactive part of BNI Olympians Lincoln.

” Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level. They are more than just potential members. They bring a whole new sphere of contacts and introductions. Visitors ensure the dynamics of chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same. – BNI “

Those members who consistently bring quality visitors to a chapter are extremely valuable members indeed, and Jo’s tireless work to promote the networking of local businesses has been recognised with BNI Gold Membership.

Jo Rimmer - Gold Club BNI Member

There are presently around only 220 members in the UK and Ireland, and everyone here at WAS are proud to see Jo’s name amongst those elite! Well done Jo!

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Electric Charging Motorways To Trial On UK Roads

A new futuristic electric technology set to trial in the UK soon, and could charging its way underneath a road near you!

The new technology trial, funded by the Government and managed by Highways England, will power cars through a charging infrastructure situated beneath the road’s surface. Removing the need for static charge points. It literally charges your car as you drive!

One could say it’s similar to the wireless charging technology we’re seeing for mobile phones and portable devices, where you can simply place your device upon a “charging mat” instead of plugging it in with a  cable.

At present, electric cars can only do long distance trips by taking extended breaks for conventional plug-in charging. The newly-announced 18-month trial programme is based on the installation of a charging infrastructure under chosen test roads. Specially adapted vehicles will be used to check the technology’s efficiency.


“Vehicle technologies are advancing at an ever increasing pace,” said Highways England chief highways engineer Mike Wilson. “We’re committed to supporting the growth of ultra-low emissions vehicles on England’s motorways and major A-roads.”

Besides wireless charging technology, Highways England has reaffirmed the government’s Road Investment Strategy commitment to install 20-mile plug-in charging points on the motorway network.

“The government is already committing £500 million over the next five years to keep Britain at the forefront of this technology, which will help boost jobs and growth in the sector,” said Transport Minister Andrew Jones. “As this study shows, we continue to explore options on how to improve journeys and make low-emission vehicles accessible to families and businesses.”

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New Car Registrations Hit September Record

September in the UK motor trade has seen record sales, reinforced by the new 65-Plate registrations. We break down the stats to give you a clear picture of the positive growth!

In a nutshell, 462,517 new cars were registered last month. A strong rise of 8.6% and the highest September on record. Traditionally September is always one of the bigger months in the year due to the “new plate” releases, however this growth was across the board of vehicle types, with demand increases for all fuel types, and from private, fleet and business buyers. September 2015 has marked the 43rd consecutive month of growth!

The SMMT report that the year-to-date total registrations have passed the two million mark in September for the first time since 2004.

The total number of cars registered in 2015 so far is 2,096,886 – 7.1% higher than at the same point last year.

The SMMT report “Gains were made across all market sectors – private, fleet and business – while petrol, diesel and alternatively-fuelled vehicles all saw increased demand. In line with typical performance so far this year, registrations of diesel and petrol cars in September grew 4.1% and 12.3% respectively, and alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) recorded another strong month with volumes up 21.7%. This puts total year-to-date growth at 3.1% for diesel, 9.5% for petrol and 48.7% for AFVs.”

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “September is traditionally one of the year’s biggest months for new car registrations, and last month set an autumn record. With plenty of attractive, affordable deals available on the new 65-plate, Britain’s car buyers – whether private, fleet or business consumers – were busier than ever. The market reached pre-recession levels some time ago, and we anticipate some levelling off in the coming months.”

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