Parking Fees Create Huge Profits For Councils

You find a parking space. You buy your ticket. Where does that money go? Councils in England have made nearly £700 million in profits during this past year from parking fees and tickets.

Reported by, Councils across England have recorded nearly £700 million in profits from their parking operations this year, the highest numbers on record.

Research by the RAC Foundation has revealed that in 2014/2015 English councils recorded combined profits of £693 million from their day-to-day parking activities. That’s nearly £1.9million a day, and represents a four per cent increase from the previous year.

The rise in overall profits is said to come from increased income from parking operations such as tickets and fines, not cost cuts, suggesting motorists are paying record fees for parking privileges.

London motorists appear to spend the most, with councils bringing in over 40 per cent of the record high profits. Westminster tops the charts by claiming a huge £46.4 million surplus.

It turns out however that not all local authorities recorded profits in 2014/2015. Of the 353 councils, the research found 57 authorities reported a drop in their numbers. For example, Cambridgeshire recorded a loss of £279,000 from their day-to-day parking operations for the financial year.

Steve Gooding, director of the RAC Foundation said: “The financial sums involved in local authority parking are huge and the overall profits eye-watering. And once again the year-on-year direction of travel is upwards.

“When a parking profit is made the law states that, essentially, the money can only be spent on transport and environment projects. We are simply asking that all councils publish annual reports to tell drivers exactly where this huge excess ends up.”

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Image credit Ravi via Flickr.

New Faces In The Showroom At Colin Ludwell Cars

We always love to highlight and praise our friends in the motor trade who support good causes, like Colin Ludwell Cars in Bristol.

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd have been our partners for over 17 years, and when we heard about their continued to support for a wonderful charity and the new residents appearing in their showroom, we had to give them a special mention!

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd have supported Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital since its launch early 2013.

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd Grand Appeal

Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity is a national charity raising funds to improve the lives of sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. Since 2003, Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity has given over £2 million in grants to 291 projects in 93 different hospitals and hospices, providing life-saving medical equipment, free family accommodation, a range of arts, music and play therapy programmes, sensory equipment and facilities and respite care.

They are the only children’s charity supporting sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK, and the charity has been supported by Aardman Animations, whose Oscar-winning characters Wallace & Gromit spearhead our fundraising.

For Colin Ludwell Cars, the highlight was it’s Gromit Unleashed Gromit Trail where 80 plus Gromits were designed by various celebrities and artists. These Gromits were then auctioned off to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. Colin Ludwell Cars made the first purchase of ‘Patch’ at the auction resulting in a huge £36,000.00 donation to the charity!

Gromit at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

Shaun The Sheep has recently been added to the showroom, and how magnificent he looks indeed!

Shaun The Sheep at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

This is all fantastic work by everyone at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, and everyone at WAS would like to send them kudos, and praise for their sterling charitable donations.

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Roll Sound. Roll Film. Ready Self Funded Warranty. Action!

Actors, cameras, and a film crew. It’s not every day Hollywood comes to town but for Warranty Administration Services Ltd, it’s an exciting time in the company history. Our self funded warranty that we’ve championed since 1984 is the centre of attention in a new series of videos!

So yes, we’ve been busy here at WAS!

When you look out across the internet for information about used car dealer warranties, you often get bombarded with lots of grey looking information highlighted by sneaky asterixis and tiny terms and conditions. As a used car dealer, looking for the right warranty option to benefit your business and support your customer care can be a minefield. Do you go the insured warranty route? Do you go self funded? Do you go without a warranty at all?

Warranty suppliers tell you just how amazing they are with lots of generic looking stock imagery of couples buying cars, wearing huge freaky smiles on their faces, and sales staff holding the keys out to them between finger and thumb. We’ve all seen it right?

It’s all a bit drab and doesn’t address the underlying problems.

We listen to used car dealers having to battle to get claims put through, and if that fails, having to front the cost of the repair themselves. The issue of the customer being caught in the middle, not quite knowing what’s happening and blaming you!

“The complaints we hear every single day by dealer principals and service managers around the country. The issue of used car dealers, franchised dealers, and their customers being at the mercy of the warranty company.”

You read the jargon and buzzwords online, but does it solve the warranty problems you face every day whilst running your business?

I cannot count the number of times I’ve overheard my colleagues speaking to used car dealers who phone in, venting their frustrations regarding their warranty company – only then to be amazed and enlightened by the simplicity and transparency of our self funded warranty. “What’s the catch?” they say.

Put simply. There is no catch.

The Crystal Clear Warranty

Our self-funded warranty is a used car dealer guarantee that is designed to give you full control. You hold the money. The expired claims fund is 100% yours. You only pay us a small admin fee per warranty. We have no vested interest in your money. We supply full administration, reporting, and a claims department to handle all your claims.

Our job is to manage your warranty and to be the liaison between you and your customer. Our claims department will even stop a rejectable claim before the customer knows it should be rejected, and contact you so that you can choose – yes “choose” to cover that item proactively as goodwill – or not! This means you are in control and not having to rectify a customer issue caused by the warranty company.

Whereas before you had to fight tooth and nail to get something covered, because let’s face it, a third party warranty company is out to make a profit on your premium. Our self funded warranty is your warranty.

So. How else can we best illustrate this we asked ourselves? How else can we cut out the jargon and characterise your problem – and our solution?

We’ll make a video!

Warranty Administration Services Ltd Filming

Warranty Administration Services Ltd Filming

Now hang on, before you think these videos will be a boring monologue of someone chatting to the screen accompanied by very uninteresting bullet points – think again! We’ve decided to put ourselves in the shoes of a used car dealer experiencing the same problems we hear each day, and slipped in a bit of humour to boot!

We’ve created a few characters to inject some energy into this issue, and hopefully highlight our solution to those used car dealers whose business and customer service is suffering because of their third party warranty.

Warranty Administration Services Ltd & Wallbreaker Productions Filming

Warranty Administration Services Ltd & Wallbreaker Productions Filming

After lots of preparation, script writing, and casting, myself and the crew recently got together on a wet and dark December morning. Arriving on location at a local car dealer in Lincoln.

I’d like to thank the amazing staff at Andrews Car Centre for their warm welcome and allowing us to film there. I’d also like to thank the amazing talented crew from Wallbreaker Productions and our actors, who were nothing but professional and visionary in producing these films.

Warranty Administration Services Ltd & Wallbreaker Productions Filming

Warranty Administration Services Ltd & Wallbreaker Productions Filming

Warranty Administration Services Ltd & Wallbreaker Productions Filming

We now await for the first video edits to come back, and hope to unveil our new screen presence in 2016. For now, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.

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New Car Sales Rise In November

The new car market has bounced back following the first dip in sales witnessed during October 2015. November new car registrations returned with a rise of 8% in the month, and 2% compared to the same period last year.

It’s been a funny old few weeks and months of late. A quietness has crept into most forecourts it seems with lower new and used car sales. It’s generally been a quiet period in the UK used car market, but fear not! We all know this time of year can be difficult in the used car trade, however we’re already seeing a turn in the right direction with a rise in sales over November of 178,876 cars, including a 6% rise in alternatively fueled cars bolstering the trend! A total of 2,453,426 cars have been sold in 2015 at the start of December which is a slight, yet always encouraging increase! (Some good old fashioned british optimism there).

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “November’s figures come as a reminder of the strength of the UK car market, as low interest rates and competitive finance deals continue to attract consumers to new car ownership. We have been expecting a levelling-off in demand for some time now – a development that is being realised following an unprecedented three-and-a-half years of non-stop growth.”

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