UK Vehicle Accident Whiplash Claims On The Rise

New study reveals the number UK vehicle accident whiplash claims among the highest in the world.

You might have been here before. You’re sitting in the car among a long line of traffic that isn’t going anywhere fast. It’s been a tiring week and it’s raining hard outside and you’re so looking forward to finally getting home and having a nice relaxing a cup of tea. Out of no where you see a little forward motion in the traffic jam and then it happens. Someone accidentally bumps their vehicle into the back of yours and all of a sudden – you’re both having a bad day.

Hopefully for most of us this kind of incident is resolved quickly and more importantly, no one is hurt. Unfortunately ‘whiplash’ is an injury quite common with vehicle accidents. It appears however that figures released by the insurer LV reveals that UK whiplash claims as a result of car accidents are above the European average.

The UK even has a higher percentage of whiplash claims compared to the US, with nearly 80% of all injury claims seeking compensation for whiplash.

LV report that whiplash claims are estimated to cost the insurance industry £2billion a year, adding a painful £90 to every insurance policy, and that the average driver receives five calls or text messages that offer financial remuneration after a crash. One in eight are contacted by a claims management group before they had even reported the accident to their insurer!

In light of recent trends, the Government has announced it will remove the right to “general damages for soft tissue injuries”, along with increasing the upper limit for the small claims court for personal injury claims from £1,000 to £5,000. LV believes however there is more the Government needs to do to curb the number of minor injury claims that raise the premiums of all motorists.

Martin Milliner, GI Claims Director of LV=insurance said: “Government makes one change to the system and the fraudsters find a way around it – meaning further action is needed and fraud persists. The more time it takes to implement changes, the easier it makes it for fraudsters to find another loophole, hitting the pocket of the honest consumer.

“We would like to see a quick and comprehensive response from Government to implement all the Insurance Fraud Taskforce’s recommendations.

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Used Car Sales Figures UK 2015

BCA Used Car Market Report reveals an evolving landscape of the UK car market, as used car sales figures exceed £45 billion.

Where as new car sales are quite easy to track month-on-month, we have usually wait a little while for the used car sales figures to take shape upon the graphs – and it appears to have been worth the wait as we look at 2014!

According to the 25th edition of the Used Car Market Report, published by BCA late last year in association with the Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham, the value of used car sales in 2014 reached £45.1 billion – a year on year increase of 5.6%.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

The overall value of the UK new and used car markets jumped to £88.5 billion in 2014 – up from £79.4 billion in 2013, with used vehicles accounting for 51% of the total market value.

Over 7.2 million used cars were sold in 2014 as the market maintained a strong performance in the post recessionary period.

This 7.2 million used car sales alongside the 2.5 million new car sales reported by the SMMT resulted in a ratio of 2.9 used cars sold, to every 1 new car.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

Delving into the used car sales figures stats, the report shows how the trend of used cars is starting to change. Average vehicle age rose to 7.8 years in 2014, meaning the average car is now one year older than it was a decade earlier. I don’t know about you, but it’s not uncommon now to see cars of around 10 years old still looking very new and modern given the anti-corrosion technologies and increased durability of vehicles. It’s quite rare to see rusted wheels arches like you used to get in the 80’s and 90’s!

Hatchbacks remained the most popular model among used car buyers, showing an increase of 7% year-on-year to a total used car market share of 51%.

Price at 41% remains the single biggest influence when choosing a particular used car, followed by mileage at 32%, and the make and model of the vehicle at 31%.  

However, the importance of make and model rises the more is spent on the car, with 58% of motorists who spent £10,000 or more saying it was important. In contrast, just 15% of buyers spending less than a £1,000 were concerned about the make/model of the car they brought.

Consumer factors when choosing a used car in 2014-2015.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

“The 25th edition of the BCA Used Car Market Report provides valuable perspective on this important part of the UK automotive industry”, explained Spencer Lock, Group Managing Director, BCA.

“Used car market values rose to record levels, as did the combined value of new and used cars sold. A record-breaking £88.5 billion was spent on used and new cars last year.  The combined market churn of 9.7 million cars was one of the highest figures on record – only 2003 recorded a higher volume in recent years.”

“The shape of the used car market is likely to change as the new cars sold in the last 3 or more years start to feed into the sector in greater volumes.“

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Best New Car Sales Figures For January In 11 Years!

UK new car sales kick 2016 off on a high with the best January since 2005.

Latest new car sales figures coming in from the SMMT have revealed 2016 starting on a very positive note for new car sales, which can only be good news for the used car market! I’ll come to that in my next post, but first new car sales.

After a slight slump in the later part of 2015, this January has witnessed the best January for new car sales since 2005 as registrations increased by 2.9% to 169,678 vehicles.

What’s more interesting is the demand for alternatively-fueled vehicles continues to grow in leaps and bounds with January seeing a 32.1% spike bringing the alternative-fueled vehicle market share to 3.6%. Petrol hybrids showed the largest growth – up 44.1%.In this editors eyes that can only be a good thing. Especially after recently sitting in my colleagues hybrid car and being amazed at the quietness and eco-friendliness of the battery powered “silent start” and initial pull off the lights. I’ll totally consider a hybrid for my next purchase! Anyway!Here’s the movers and the shakers on the new car sales front:

  1. Fiesta – 8,353
  2. Qashqai – 4,839
  3. Corsa – 4,803
  4. Focus – 4,285
  5. Golf – 3,813
  6. Juke – 3,446
  7. Polo – 3,298
  8. A3 – 3,227
  9. Astra – 3,185
  10. C-Class – 3,022

It’s worth noting just how well the UK export market is doing. It seems car exports to India have more than trebled in the past 5 years according to data released today ahead of Auto Expo 2016. In 2015, the UK exported 194.5% more cars to the region than in 2010, and 5.4% more than last year, putting India in the UK’s top 10 Asian export markets.

British manufacturers made more cars in 2015 than any year since 2005 when 1,595,697 vehicles were produced.

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