Video Series Launch – Smiles For BEN

Today we launch our first video in a new series aimed at the motor trade! We have also pledged to turn your views into a donation to BEN, to help those in the trade falling on hard times. So grab a hot drink, and take 2 minutes to giggle at our first step into the silver screen!

Greetings everyone! You may have already heard around the web that we release our very first video today! The first in a brand new series aimed at making light of the motor trade through the adventures of our characters – the eccentric car dealership manager, and his plucky sidekick Tim! This first video is entitled “Frustration”, so click the link below to watch how Tim steps-up and saves the day!

Crystal Clear Warranty Video

Watch the video here!


BEN Logo

We have also pledged to turn your views into a donation to BEN, to help those in the motor trade falling under hard times. Watch, laugh, smile, and most importantly share it with your friends.

Crystal Clear Warranty Video

Every view will help to raise money for BEN; the not-for-profit team who support many of our Motor Trade colleagues during difficult times.

Video link!

If our small contribution helps put a smile on the face of someone being supported by BEN, then it’s a job well done!

Carbon Conscious Earth Day

To coincide with Earth Day, we have just completed the proud duty of off-setting our carbon footprint – by planting trees!

Warranty Administration Services Ltd - Carbon Conscious
Warranty Administration Services Ltd – Carbon Conscious

Here at Warranty Administration Services Limited we are committed to minimising the impact that our business has upon the environment.

To negate our carbon emissions in the year 2016 we have donated a sum of money to Hill Holt Wooda local charity involved in child education through forestry work, to cover the cost of planting enough new trees to fully off-set the companies carbon footprint!

I really love this policy, and it’s such a pleasure to take care of our local environment. I urge all businesses to consider their own carbon footprint this year, and see just how easy it is to help the planet cope with our goings on!