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Furious 7: What Happened To The Cars?

The cameras have finished rolling. The movie stars have performed their lines. The lights have dropped, and it’s time to wrap up filming of the latest installment in the global hit movie franchise, ‘Furious 7’. But what happened to all the exotic classic cars that graced each scene and tore up the roads in death-defying chase sequences?

Not long after cameras have stopped rolling for ‘Furious 7’ and the crew have concluded months of filming the hit movie series, we ask, what happened to the other “star attractions” of the movie?

As the lead actors take to the red carpets to sign autographs for adoring fans and promote the blockbuster spectacle, what happened to the tons of shiny exoctic metal that graced most of the scenes? The thousands of dollars worth of motoring eye-candy that no doubt sent hearts racing as they in turn, raced through dramatic sequences set within stunning international vistas. So what happened to the cars featured in Furious 7 after the cameras stopped rolling?

Now remember that not all the vehicles make it out of the movie in the same pristine condition as when they rolled in!

Many of the cars were always destined to simply feature in sick explosions and crashes, eventually ending up on a pile of other brand new cars after their one shining moment on the big screen!


After shooting screaming car chases on a twisty mountain road west of Colorado Springs, a scrap dealer named Richard Jansen received a call.

Somebody from the movie had seen his “we buy junk cars” highway sign, and wondered if the owner of Bonnie’s Car Crushers could haul away 20 or 30 vehicles smashed beyond repair, including several black Mercedes-Benzes, a Ford Crown Victoria and a Mitsubishi Montero.

Then Mr. Jansen and his crew then spent several days hauling the cars away, and the filmmakers insisted he shred or crush them all, to prevent anyone from fixing one up and getting hurt in a damaged movie car.

Furious 7 Cars: Photo by Jeff Curry
Photo by Jeff Curry

As you read this, a large, black, scrap-metal cube featuring the hallmarks of a Mercedes Benz once driven in a “Furious 7” car chase scene, exists somewhere in the world. “It was kind of unusual, to see some late-model Mercedes-Benzes, all crunched up and good for nothing,” Mr. Jansen says.

The Wall Street Journal reports More than 230 cars were destroyed and crushed in the fallout of shooting Furious 7, but hey, it’s the movie business right!

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Image credit Daremoshiranai via Flickr.

Motortrademe. The Trade-Only Motor Dealer Network

Calling all professional Motor Dealers! Motortrademe is an experienced trade-only dealer network, that has been designed and built by industry experts to solve the frustrations that is common to most dealers using existing platforms.


Dealers often comment that there is a need for a more reputable and cost effective alternative for disposal and stocking. Concerns with risk are often the barrier to fully realising the cost benefits that existing alternative routes offer. The risks are almost always down to the quality of the network. As a result, dealers often spend far more of their budget than necessary by dictating one stocking and disposal route over another, without ever revisiting the cost saving potential that could be realised with a fixed cost* approach versus current variable fees.

Dealers also miss the potential additional returns such as instant underwrites, real world market valuations and fast trade turnarounds on unwanted part exchanges that instant buy-it-now trade sales platforms offer.


Motortrademe Trade Only Dealer Network

Motortrademe is dedicated to bringing together professional members of the trade, in order to build a trusted network of like-minded fellow dealers where you can reliably source and dispose of good quality stock, without having to safeguard against poor trade practices.

Our members contribute to the success of this platform, and good trading practice is fundamental to delivering long term value, quality of service and overall sustainability. Therefore we have developed a vetting system that ensures that our members are legitimately from the trade and have been in the industry long enough to share our values and philosophy.

“Underpinned by a commitment to deliver a quality and affordable service we have ensured that Motortrademe is easy to use, and minimises the amount of administration for both buyers and sellers through your sales process.”

With your support, we commit to continue to build on this philosophy with technology and services that will help all of our our members develop and grow their business.

Please visit and apply today for your free 30 day trial account and see for yourself the benefits and value that Motortrademe has to offer.

* Our pricing plans are cost effective, simple and straightforward. Selling stock on Motortrademe is free of charge, while a full account at £50 p/m enables subscribers to purchase and sell on the platform. 


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Driver Caught Speeding – To Speed Awareness Course

You wake up late one morning. The alarm didn’t go off. Must get that fixed. You’re late. Really late. You’re late for your Speed Awareness Course! Now, do you do the sensible thing and reschedule? Or somehow make it there on time. Oh the irony!

Now admittedly this article is not strictly news about the motor trade. Nor does it discuss the “pros” of our fabulous self-funded warranty that has for over 30 years, championed used car dealers interests, and become a fundamental part of some of the most trusted names in the industry. However. You have to laugh at this one.

A driver was caught by police speeding along the M6 at almost 100mph. When they pulled him over, he told them why he was rushing. He was late for his speed awareness course!

The driver caught speeding, in his 50s who was behind the wheel of a Nissan Pathfinder can now expect a summons to drop through his letterbox. He was caught speeding on the M6 toll between Lichfield and Burntwood in Staffordshire.

Now even though is quite a funny story, we at WAS regard speeding is such a dangerous choice to make on the roads. If you’re late for something, then it’s best to get there safely than endanger not only yourself, but the lives of others. Drive safe and smart on the roads people.

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What is the most popular new car colour?

So you’re strolling around the forecourt arranging your stock of used vehicles. Which colour car do you think is more likely to sell? The red one? The blue one? SMMT figures reveal the “colour of choice” for UK new car buyers!

Way back in 1996 when we were caught in the grip of “brit pop” fever, and our national football teams brought the UK to a standstill in the European Championships – just 2,489 white cars were sold on the UK’s forecourts.

Based on the latest SMMT figures it appears that in 2013 and 2014, “white cars” are the new “black cars”. White cars are now the colour of choice for UK new car buyers!

“Of 2,476,435 new cars registered in 2014, 22.2% were white – representing the highest proportion of white cars registered in any year since records began in 1996.”

10 years ago, only 1% of new car customers bought a white car. In 2014 almost a quarter of the 2,476,435 new cars registered in the UK were white!

Figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveal:

  • 2,476,435 new cars registered in 2014.
  • 22.2% of those cars were white making it the most popular new car colour.
  • 2014 sees the highest proportion of white cars registered in any year since records began in 1996.
  • In 2010 white cars accounted for less than 10% of new-car registrations.
  • In 2010 black and silver cars were most popular new car colour.


Best-selling white cars by year

Year         Make Model Registrations
1996 Citroën Xantia 2,489
2000 Vauxhall Astra 4,775
2005 MINI MINI 3,827
2010 Fiat 500 13,049
2014 Ford Fiesta 25,845

So if you’re arranging your used stock on the forecourt this weekend, maybe have a look to see if any of your white cars are fully visible. It just might be the next car you sell!


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Mitsubishi To Offer Five-Year Warranty

Mitsubishi joins Hyundai, Toyota, Subaru, SsangYong as one of the select few car manufacturers to offer customers a five-year warranty on it’s vehicles.

Mitsubishi in the UK has recently introduced a comprehensive five year warranty as standard across its model line up. From January 1 2015, all their cars and commercial vehicles will come as standard with a fully comprehensive five-year warranty package.

By comparison, Renault presently offers a four year warranty, and Kia stands alone in offering its cars with seven year or 100,000 miles cover. Vauxhall did launch a Lifetime Warranty programme in August 2010 but as we recently reported, they decided to reduce it down to a three year/60,000 mile warranty.

Lance Bradley, the managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK said “the move to a 5-year warranty reflected the brand’s confidence in the quality and reliability of its vehicles”.

On the back of an improved model line-up, Mitsubishi has been improving its sales while recruiting dealers. New car registrations in the year to November 2014 rose 74.4% to 14,443 units giving it a market share of 0.39%.

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Sheffield Used Car Dealer Hits the Right Notes For Charity

Sheffield dealership and service centre Mike Brewer Motors helps two children’s charities by raising over £500 for each-as one of their staff members sang in public.

Both ‘Cash For Kids’– who help disabled and disadvantaged children aged 0 to 18 years across 21 areas in the UK, and ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’- who aim to provide relief from the affects of bereavement to young people up to and including the age of 18 years who have suffered the loss of a parent serving with the British Armed Forces were delighted with the donation, from Bramall Lane dealership Mike Brewer Motors. TV presenter Mike Brewer was in America, filming the next season of Wheeler Dealers; so colleague Lee Holland was on hand to deliver the donations.

Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty's Little Soldiers Charity
Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty’s Little Soldiers Charity

He said:
“It has been amazing to be in the position to raise so much to help two fantastic causes, so early in 2015. Both Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash For Kids do great work- all throughout the year; and we’re proud to help. We’d like to thank our local M&S store for allowing us to fundraise there, and to every member of the public that donated over the three days I was performing. Safe to say, I had no voice by the end of the three days; but it was certainly worth it!”


Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors
Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors

Lee Holland, from Mike Brewer Motors, in the process of raising funds by singing in Marks & Spencer Chesterfield

Louise Davies, Charity Manager for Cash For Kids added:
“It is fantastic to be chosen to receive such a valuable donation, and we are very grateful to Mike Brewer Motors, and the public for donating. This money will be distributed in our Spring Grant Round to support sick, disabled and disadvantaged children living in South Yorkshire.”

If you would like to donate to either charity, please visit or

Mike Brewer Motors

Keep up to date with everything else that is going on at Mike Brewer Motors by visiting or following @mikebrewermotor on twitter.

Sheffield Homeless Centre On Road to Success Thanks to Mike Brewer Motors

Sheffield dealership and service centre Mike Brewer Motors helps spread some Christmas cheer by donating over £8,000 to St Wilfrid’s Centre.

The Centre, who have been supporting the homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded of Sheffield for the last 24 years, were delighted with the donation, from Bramall Lane neighbours Mike Brewer Motors. TV presenter Mike Brewer was in America, filming the next season of Wheeler Dealers; so colleague John Tustin was on hand to deliver the cheque.

He said:

“This is the first time we have been able to make such a sizeable donation, and we were keen to donate to a charity that works locally. When we visited, we were amazed at the amount of help they provide to those who need it, and all without any government funding. The fact that they are continuing to look for ways to do more is inspirational. We’re very proud to help – especially at this time of year – a charity that not only provides such great services, but does so from right across the street from our site!”

St Wilfrid's Centre


Kevin Bradley, Director at St Wilfrid’s Centre added:

“It is fantastic to be chosen to receive such a valuable donation, and we are very grateful to Mike Brewer Motors. This money will enable us to improve the services that we offer to vulnerable people in Sheffield.”

Mike Brewer Motors

Rising Sales Of Alternatively Fuelled Cars In 2014

Figures from the SMMT reveal a strong rise in “eco friendly” alternatively fuelled cars in the UK throughout 2014.

Whether you like, dislike, or simply shy away from alternatively fuelled cars, they are selling like hot cakes. 2014 has seen a boom in sales with a rise of over 50% over the previous year. Registrations by October 2014 have already passed the 12,000 unit total of 2013.

“Petrol-electric hybrid cars have long been the most popular choice for AFV buyers, but other variants are gaining in popularity. Registrations of pure electric cars have more than doubled over last year, while those of plug-in hybrid and range-extended models look set to quadruple by the end of 2014.”

The SMMT advise the key to this surge in sales of alternatively fuelled cars, is a constantly increasing range of vehicle models available. In 2011 buyers were restricted to just six plug-in models, however now there are 20 to choose from including coupés and SUVs.

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October 2014 New Car Sales Surge

Surge in sales during October and November 2014 pushes new car registrations past the two million mark.

Figures by the SMMT reveal October 2014 has seen a surge in new car sales with 179,714 units sold, and 172,327 sold in November. This has pushed the new car sales for the year beyond the two million mark! The last time we hit this milestone was back in 2007, just before the downturn where over 2.4 million new cars were sold.

What is more impressive, is that this 14.2% surge in new car sales in October and 8.0% in November, mean this is the 33rd consecutive month of growth.

This month and indeed this year has also seen an enthusiastic demand for alternatively-fuelled vehicles, with the market up more than 50% in both month and year-to-date.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive said,

“The October new car market outperformed expectations, with registrations showing the strongest growth in a month since March’s 18% rise. With economic confidence still rising, customers continue to benefit from attractive financial packages on exciting new models.”

“We still expect the overall market to level off as we head towards 2015, but the exception to that rule will be alternatively-fuelled vehicles, demand for which will continue to accelerate.”


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