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Which UK City Spends More On New Cars?

Which UK city residents spend the most on their new cars?

It’s an interesting thought really, which city spends more on their new cars? A comparison of spending patterns released by revealed that people in Glasgow spend more on their new cars, on average, than those living in any of the other 10 biggest cities in the UK, according to new research.

With three per cent of all new cars in the UK being bought through carwow’s platform, the team were able to analyse sales to uncover purchasing trends.

The average spend on new cars by those living in the UK’s 10 biggest cities was as follows:

1. Glasgow – £26,271

2. Edinburgh – £26,166

3. London – £26,160

4. Cardiff – £24,199

5. Birmingham – £23,621

6. Sheffield – £23,495

7. Bristol – £22,988

8. Leeds – £22,753

9. Manchester – £22,118

10. Liverpool – £21,979

The CarWow data team conducting the research also discovered that in England and Wales, men spend an average of £24,844 on a new car. Women seem to spend less at £20,992.

James Hind, founder of said: ‘What’s interesting about these findings is that although London has higher earnings, on average, than any other city, no correlation can be found between the cities in the list and the average earnings in those locations.

‘Whilst it’s easy to assume that the average spend on new cars varies depending on people’s extravagance or frugality, we shouldn’t jump to that assumption. We’ve found that the exact same make and model with the same specification can vary in price from city to city.

‘We’ve had plenty of people buying vehicles through CarWow that have opted to buy a car from a dealership many miles away from their home town, purely because the price being offered was more competitive (and they could get the car delivered straight to their driveway).

A new look at Motoring from the Manager!

Welcome to a new shiny look at the world of motoring brought to you by “The Manager” from the Warranty Admin Video Series!

Greetings reader! It’s the Manager here from the critically acclaimed Warranty Admin Video Series! I’m emailing you because the wonderful people at Warranty Admin asked if I’d write a short “two-pennies’ worth” on the motor industry every once in a while! I jumped at the chance!

So I’ll pick something topical on the motor trade, unsheathe my pen, and strike at its heart with a gallant thrust towards your inbox! I hope you enjoy this read, and please be gentle – it’s my first time!

Changing into Top Gear

It was a lazy Saturday morning on a weekend where I was determined to slow down, and smell the instant coffee. After a long week serving as a beacon for my customers at the dealership, I felt it was time to relax.

Wearing my new union-jack pajamas the good wife had bought me for St George’s Day, I strolled through my little castle to discover the glorious English sunshine beaming through into the conservatory. I had to act quickly. Making myself a glass of ice-cold dandelion-burdock I flicked on the small conservatory television, sat upon the floral wicker sofa, and began basking in the British Summertime ambiance.

My slumber was rudely interrupted by a TV news report about the ever popular Top Gear programme, and how the hosts of the show were leaping to another channel and being replaced by a new group of bushy-tailed celebrities! As I lay upon the sofa in a dazed and slightly confused state, it got me thinking – if I were to run Top Gear, what would I do differently? How would I whet the appetites of my viewers and still give them enough to chew on? Here’s a few things I would change!

Smaller Portions of Supercars

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thrill of walking into a showroom, gently brushing my fingertips across the body of a deluxe supercar and tickling her behind the wing mirror – but how many times must I endure someone shrieking on the TV whilst wildly manhandling yet another piece of motoring exotica?


Now I appreciate the lure of forbidden motoring fruits, but has too much of a good thing soured its flavour? If I were in charge, I’d deliver supercars in small rare portions! Something that delicious made from the finest materials should be gifted once in a while, served upon a backdrop of native twisty roads and city streets. I’d also have another journalist drive a more-affordable car to compare and compete against! To give viewers a down-to-earth alternative to relate to, and also illustrate in a fun way the differences between the leagues of motor car. You could even have some interesting battles between the two feature cars and have trending social media hashtags such as #FiestaVsFerrari.


Engage the audience! Everyone loves a competition! However rather than repeat an over-staged Bond-like race to the finish, you could introduce entertainment to genuine road tests and bring the average viewer into the experience by having relatable content!

Less Celebrities. More Personalities!

A simple change! Tip the balance of featured guests to include those spearheading the industry, rather than figure heads of the industry. I know that celebrities can be exciting and amusing – but I’d love to hear more from those people on the ground! Some of the most interesting characters in the dealership are found under the ramps, maintaining the customers cars and making the rest of us look good! So instead of featuring a Formula 1 racing driver, why not feature the mechanic behind the Championship winning car? Less celebrities. More personalities!

Save The Caravans!

Some of my fondest holiday memories are of when Martha and I would take our caravan ‘Candyfloss’ to a sun kissed summertime Skegness. Ahhh the beach! The donkeys! Sitting on the pier as the North Sea lapped at the clean golden sands below. So every time I watch an innocent caravan being blown up for a giggle on Top Gear – I can sense my dear Candyfloss on the driveway shedding a tear! Do you agree we should save the caravans!?


Perhaps I’m in the minority on this one.

So that’s my two-pennies’ worth! I’m intrigued to see what changes they might make to this cornerstone of British television when it airs soon, and I wonder, what would you change to Top Gear? Do you enjoy the present format, or would you like to see it return to a more traditional programme?

Right! It’s time for me to mow the lawn as it’s looking like a jungle out there, and several of Martha’s undergarments have been blown off the washing line! I’ll let you know if I find them.

Speak soon everyone,


Who is The Manager? The Manager is a fictional character created by Warranty Administration Services Ltd who features in our ongoing web series. The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are meant to be fun, offer an alternative independent non-offensive view on the motor industry and wider topics, and are not representative of the views of Warranty Administration Services Ltd. To watch the latest video featuring the Manager, click the link below.

Used Car Sales Figures UK 2015

BCA Used Car Market Report reveals an evolving landscape of the UK car market, as used car sales figures exceed £45 billion.

Where as new car sales are quite easy to track month-on-month, we have usually wait a little while for the used car sales figures to take shape upon the graphs – and it appears to have been worth the wait as we look at 2014!

According to the 25th edition of the Used Car Market Report, published by BCA late last year in association with the Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham, the value of used car sales in 2014 reached £45.1 billion – a year on year increase of 5.6%.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

The overall value of the UK new and used car markets jumped to £88.5 billion in 2014 – up from £79.4 billion in 2013, with used vehicles accounting for 51% of the total market value.

Over 7.2 million used cars were sold in 2014 as the market maintained a strong performance in the post recessionary period.

This 7.2 million used car sales alongside the 2.5 million new car sales reported by the SMMT resulted in a ratio of 2.9 used cars sold, to every 1 new car.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

Delving into the used car sales figures stats, the report shows how the trend of used cars is starting to change. Average vehicle age rose to 7.8 years in 2014, meaning the average car is now one year older than it was a decade earlier. I don’t know about you, but it’s not uncommon now to see cars of around 10 years old still looking very new and modern given the anti-corrosion technologies and increased durability of vehicles. It’s quite rare to see rusted wheels arches like you used to get in the 80’s and 90’s!

Hatchbacks remained the most popular model among used car buyers, showing an increase of 7% year-on-year to a total used car market share of 51%.

Price at 41% remains the single biggest influence when choosing a particular used car, followed by mileage at 32%, and the make and model of the vehicle at 31%.  

However, the importance of make and model rises the more is spent on the car, with 58% of motorists who spent £10,000 or more saying it was important. In contrast, just 15% of buyers spending less than a £1,000 were concerned about the make/model of the car they brought.

Consumer factors when choosing a used car in 2014-2015.

Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015
Centre for Automotive Management, University of Buckingham Used Car Market Report 2015

“The 25th edition of the BCA Used Car Market Report provides valuable perspective on this important part of the UK automotive industry”, explained Spencer Lock, Group Managing Director, BCA.

“Used car market values rose to record levels, as did the combined value of new and used cars sold. A record-breaking £88.5 billion was spent on used and new cars last year.  The combined market churn of 9.7 million cars was one of the highest figures on record – only 2003 recorded a higher volume in recent years.”

“The shape of the used car market is likely to change as the new cars sold in the last 3 or more years start to feed into the sector in greater volumes.“

Thank you for reading this WAS Blog post on used car sales figures for 2014 – 2015. Are you a used car dealer looking for an alternative to your 3rd party warranty? Visit our website for details on our self-funded warranty!

New Faces In The Showroom At Colin Ludwell Cars

We always love to highlight and praise our friends in the motor trade who support good causes, like Colin Ludwell Cars in Bristol.

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd have been our partners for over 17 years, and when we heard about their continued to support for a wonderful charity and the new residents appearing in their showroom, we had to give them a special mention!

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd have supported Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital since its launch early 2013.

Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd Grand Appeal

Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity is a national charity raising funds to improve the lives of sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. Since 2003, Wallace & Gromit’s Children’s Charity has given over £2 million in grants to 291 projects in 93 different hospitals and hospices, providing life-saving medical equipment, free family accommodation, a range of arts, music and play therapy programmes, sensory equipment and facilities and respite care.

They are the only children’s charity supporting sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the UK, and the charity has been supported by Aardman Animations, whose Oscar-winning characters Wallace & Gromit spearhead our fundraising.

For Colin Ludwell Cars, the highlight was it’s Gromit Unleashed Gromit Trail where 80 plus Gromits were designed by various celebrities and artists. These Gromits were then auctioned off to raise money for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. Colin Ludwell Cars made the first purchase of ‘Patch’ at the auction resulting in a huge £36,000.00 donation to the charity!

Gromit at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

Shaun The Sheep has recently been added to the showroom, and how magnificent he looks indeed!

Shaun The Sheep at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, Bristol

This is all fantastic work by everyone at Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd, and everyone at WAS would like to send them kudos, and praise for their sterling charitable donations.

Thank you for reading this WAS Blog post featuring the sterling charitable donations made by Colin Ludwell Cars Ltd!


Vauxhall Recalls 220,000 Zafira B Cars Over Fire Concerns

Vauxhall has just announced a recall of 220,000 Zafira B cars over following a number of reported fires.

This news has come only two weeks after more than 130 fires were first reported via a Facebook group. The fires have occurred behind the glove-box, in the heating and ventilation system. Vauxhall advise the model affected is the Zafira B, built between 2005 and 2014. The cars are all right-hand drive, and have manual, or no air conditioning.

The company said faulty repairs to the heating and ventilation system were probably to blame.

The chairman and managing director Rory Harvey, Vauxhall said its initial investigations had shown “improper repair of the blower motor resistor and its thermal fuse”.

A Facebook group set up by Zafira owners to alert other drivers has attracted more than 12,000 members.

Vauxhall will now send out letters to 220,000 owners, advising them to get in touch with their local dealer. They will be offered a free inspection and repairs.

Drivers are advised not to use the heating or air conditioning system.

Thanks for reading this WAS Blog post on Vauxhall recalling 220,000 Zafira B cars over fire concerns. Image credit Brian Snelson via Flickr.


New Car Registrations Hit September Record

September in the UK motor trade has seen record sales, reinforced by the new 65-Plate registrations. We break down the stats to give you a clear picture of the positive growth!

In a nutshell, 462,517 new cars were registered last month. A strong rise of 8.6% and the highest September on record. Traditionally September is always one of the bigger months in the year due to the “new plate” releases, however this growth was across the board of vehicle types, with demand increases for all fuel types, and from private, fleet and business buyers. September 2015 has marked the 43rd consecutive month of growth!

The SMMT report that the year-to-date total registrations have passed the two million mark in September for the first time since 2004.

The total number of cars registered in 2015 so far is 2,096,886 – 7.1% higher than at the same point last year.

The SMMT report “Gains were made across all market sectors – private, fleet and business – while petrol, diesel and alternatively-fuelled vehicles all saw increased demand. In line with typical performance so far this year, registrations of diesel and petrol cars in September grew 4.1% and 12.3% respectively, and alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs) recorded another strong month with volumes up 21.7%. This puts total year-to-date growth at 3.1% for diesel, 9.5% for petrol and 48.7% for AFVs.”

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “September is traditionally one of the year’s biggest months for new car registrations, and last month set an autumn record. With plenty of attractive, affordable deals available on the new 65-plate, Britain’s car buyers – whether private, fleet or business consumers – were busier than ever. The market reached pre-recession levels some time ago, and we anticipate some levelling off in the coming months.”

Thank you for reading this post on September UK Vehicle Sales Figures on the WAS Blog!


Used Car Sales Using Dealer Finance Leap 22% In June 2014

Used car sales using dealer finance leaped 22% in June 2014 according to the Finance and Leasing Association.

The FLA figures reveal over 850,000 new cars were bought using dealer finance during the first half of the year, and just under 1 million used cars, a year on year rise of 19%.

Dealer finance sales to consumers buying used cars in June increased 22%.

Geraldine Kilkelly, the head of statistics and chief economist at the FLA said, “The first half of 2014 has seen strong performances in both the consumer new and used car finance sectors.  The last six months have also seen the FLA’s penetration rate maintained at around three quarters of all private new car sales in the UK which shows how popular point-of-sale credit is with new car buyers.”

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Header Image Credit: Niels Paul via Flickr