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Hendy Automotive Acquire Lifestyle Motor Group

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Hendy Automotive expand their reach along the South Coast with the acquisition of Lifestyle Motor Group.

Everyone at WAS would like to send congratulations to our friends at Hendy following their acquisition of the Lifestyle Motor Group. This exciting development in the motor trade sees the Hendy brand broaden its reach across the South Coast, encompassing the shared values and work ethics of the Lifestyle Motor Group.

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“The Lifestyle Motor Group shares the Hendy Group’s values, so we’re excited to be making Hendy history as we integrate and move forward together. We are delighted to have bought Lifestyle which has a similar philosophy to Hendy, with a strong commitment to customer care and service.” – Paul Hendy.


The Lifestyle Motor Group, formed in 2001, operates Ford, Mazda, Kia, Renault, Dacia, Seat, Suzuki and Isuzu in the South East and is now part of newly formed company Hendy Automotive Limited.

Hendy Map 2016

“The Lifestyle Group shares Hendy’s values; a family-run business with similar tight geography and a clear focus on doing the right thing by customers, employees, and suppliers. Covering West Sussex, Surrey and Kent, the Lifestyle Group sits adjacent to Hendy and will offer a fantastic footprint in a neighboring location.” – Hendy Torque Magazine.

According to AM-online, the deal should place the new company in the top 25 of the AM100 with 12 motor franchises at 25 locations in Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, and Devon.

Hendy Automotive’s newly-acquired dealerships will continue to operate under the Lifestyle name for the immediate future as the business is integrated into Hendy Automotive.

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