Hendy Staff Complete Sponsored Bike Ride!

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Andy Clarke of Hendy Used Cars at Eastleigh joined Rose Joseph and  Vanessa McNamara of the Hendy Business Team, for a 60-mile charity bike ride through the New Forest.

Our friends at Hendy were raising money for HAEUK, a charity dedicated to supporting people who suffer from hereditary angioedema. Rose has the condition herself.

“I’m in control of my condition,” Rose told us, “but not everyone is so lucky. HAEUK is fighting for us all to have this kind of life, which is why this charity is so special to me.”

They rode on the 14th of September, and Rose brought back news of how it went. Over to her.

Rose Joseph reports:


After 7 months of training the day finally arrived.  By this time our original team of three had increased to ten keen cyclists. We had trained for months and met many obstacles – bad backs, hand swellings, ear infections to name but a few – but at last we were ready.

We met at Brockenhurst College just before 8am on the day of the ride and mentally prepared ourselves for the long day ahead. We snapped a few photos and headed off, the group sticking together for the first 10 miles before splitting up. The two young lads James and Elliot sped off ahead, followed by the two oldies Rose and Leyon hot on their heels.  Not too far behind were Andy & Steve, and bringing up the rear were Ness, Jo, Carl and Nina.

The first 30 miles were a breeze. The going was easy, it was lovely and flat – it looked like a doddle, or so we thought! The second half of the ride was extremely hilly and hard going. Andy suffered a knee injury and had to take a gentler 45-mile route, and courageous Steve plodded on by himself.  Sadly disaster came his way too and he injured his leg at the 45-mile point and lay on the side of the road in agony waiting for help to arrive. This never came, so he had to call home for a rescue. This was the end of the ride for poor Steve.

We arrived at the Cuckoo pub 45 miles into the ride to find James & Elliot enjoying well earned refreshments and complaining of aching legs. We waited here for 45 minutes for the rest of our team, but eventually decided to continue without them.  Leyon and I were extremely pleased to see the finish line ahead at the 62 mile-mark and enjoyed a large coffee and hog roast. We timed our ride at 5 hours and 10 minutes.

We sat ourselves down on the grass and waited the rest of team HAE/HENDY. An hour and half later they crossed the finish line, coming in at just over 6 hours.  An incredible day was had by all coupled with sore bums and legs.

Approximate funds raised for HAEuk:

Ness: £400, Carl & Nina: £140, James: £85, Steve: £120, Elliot: £60, Andy: £60, Leyon: £150, Jo: £250, Rose: £1270 (Rose’s money will be doubled by Shire Pharmaceuticals).

News via hendy.co.uk/AboutUs/News