Warranty Administration Services Ltd (WAS)

New Benefits For WAS Clients

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Happy New Year! Now let’s make it a prosperous one.

This year, Warranty Administration Services Ltd (WAS) are committed to making a major investment to further develop our products and services to deliver enhanced value to our customers. Marketing and re-marketing are areas in which we will be developing systems to assist you in keeping in touch with your own customers with up-to-date offers and real time news.


Your Own Promotional Warranty Page Insert

The first stage of this will be to make another page available on our customers guarantee paperwork to add a silent salesman. This page will be unique to you and can contain any information you wish to promote to your customers.

New Benefits For WAS Warranty Clients
The Crystal Clear Warranty


Our Referral System – Redesigned!

Another change we have immediately instigated is a major overhaul to our referral system. Over the last 18 months, we have rewarded any dealer who refers a friend who subsequently took up our self-funded guarantee scheme with a case of wine of their choice valued up to £100.

This year we are improving our reward.

The case of wine still stands as a personal thank you to the individual who made the referral. Now, as a massive added incentive to pass on our details, we are also going to reward the refering dealership with a monthly credit note equal to the value of the referred garages’ first 3 admin fee invoices.


Real Financial Rewards

This added incentive could bring a customer up to £1200 in credit by referring a garage who retails just 20 vehicles per month.

There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made, or credit that can be earned under this referral system, so if you are one of our clients, please call if you can think of any friends or contacts in the motor trade who would also benefit from the guarantee scheme that you already use.