Potterhanworth To Paris Charity Cycle Challenge

Potterhanworth To Paris Cycle Challenge Completed!

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We recently blogged about our friends from Andrews Car Centre in Lincoln who were set to undertake a 500 mile cycle challenge from Potterhanworth to Paris, all in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support! Read on to find out about their amazing challenge!

Not long ago we covered news about our friends from Andrews Car Centre in Lincoln going that “extra mile” for a fantastic cause. Well, Michael Andrews and Lewis Robinson from Andrews Car Centre successfully completed a gruelling cycle journey from Potterhanworth in Lincolnshire, to the heart of Paris to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. That’s an amazing 500 mile journey!



The Cycle Challenge Diary

What started as a few drunken ideas, turned into a fantastic charity event raising over £3,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Day 1
Lewis and Michael set off from Potterhanworth waved off by a group of well wishers and moved on to their first destination of Peterborough.

Day 2
On the second day the support team joined the event and planned to meet the cyclists at their second meeting point of Enfield in Greater London. It was meant to be very simple, but turned out to be quite testing for the lads due to having navigation issues.

Day 3 & 4
13 year old Adam joined the lads to cycle through London and he would stay with them until the end point in Paris. They cycled past many of the iconic buildings in London and took in all of the sights a long the way.

Day 5
By day 5 the lads were in Brighton, and the distance they had cycled was beginning to take its toll of them as they looked completely shattered whilst taking a pit stop along the way.

Day 6
The team had made the journey across the ferry and into France! They had new challenges ahead of them and we’re trying their best to keep to the cycle routes but it wasn’t easy. They stopped in the beautiful town of Forge-les-Eaux.

Day 7
This was one of the most challenging days for the lads due to them having issues with navigation and keeping to the cycle paths. But not to be beaten they stuck with it and eventually found their way.

Day 8
They made it to the outskirts of Paris. The lads were really excited to finally be close to their final destination.

Day 9
The support team were anxiously waiting for the lads to arrive at the stunning Eiffel Tower, and when they did their were lots of hugs and hand shakes to be had and there was a real sense of achievement. Of course to celebrate everyone tucked into some French Onion Soup, and maybe a few beers were sunk along the way.

It was a fantastic journey which was at times challenging and a few minor accidents on the bikes leaving cuts and bruises never once stopped the three fantastic fundraisers wanting to reach their end goal. Everyone is very proud of them, and for 13 year old Adam it was a massive achievement. He will also like to say he reached the Eiffel Tower first!

The trip was very family orientated and everyone contributed massively to ensure the cyclists arrived safely. They hope to do something similar again once the legs are rested.


“Our company Andrews Car Centre donated £50.00 for each car sold whilst we cycled the 500 miles.” If anyone would still like to sponsor Michael, Lewis, and Adam for their fantastic efforts, please follow this link to visit their Just Giving Sponsorship Page.

Everyone at WAS would like to congratulate them, and we happily donated £100.00 to the cause!

Thank you for reading this post on the WAS Blog!