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Carbon Conscious Earth Day

To coincide with Earth Day, we have just completed the proud duty of off-setting our carbon footprint – by planting trees!

Warranty Administration Services Ltd - Carbon Conscious
Warranty Administration Services Ltd – Carbon Conscious

Here at Warranty Administration Services Limited we are committed to minimising the impact that our business has upon the environment.

To negate our carbon emissions in the year 2016 we have donated a sum of money to Hill Holt Wooda local charity involved in child education through forestry work, to cover the cost of planting enough new trees to fully off-set the companies carbon footprint!

I really love this policy, and it’s such a pleasure to take care of our local environment. I urge all businesses to consider their own carbon footprint this year, and see just how easy it is to help the planet cope with our goings on!

The Greener Side To Car Dealer Warranties

Warranty Administration Services Ltd support local enterprise through a green pledge. Discover the greener side to car dealer warranties!

We are pleased to announce that Warranty Administration Services Ltd has once again fully offset our Carbon footprint, by making a £120 donation to Hill Holt Woods towards the cost of planting new trees in the woods!

Carbon Conscious Car Dealer Warranties Administration
Carbon Conscious Car Dealer Warranties Administration

This is our second year of measuring the impact that our business of supplying self-funded car dealer warranties has on the planet, and then offsetting that impact using our Environmental Policy and Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Old Car Dealer Warranties
Some of our old car dealer warranty books!

Consider our approach to paper. Compared to when we first started business back in 1984 when we used to print and produce stacks of car dealer warranties. Today – almost every operation in the WAS office is electronic and digital!

Car Dealer Warranties Online
Warranty registration through our system takes a matter of seconds online!

Warranties are produced online at the click of a button, and dealer claim invoices and paperwork are scanned and stored on our secure servers. We have come a long way from those early days, to now being a business that treats paper as a luxury, not a necessity.

Measuring your Carbon footprint is easy,  and planting trees to offset your environmental impact requires a simple calculation.

As a rule of thumb 1 tree will offset 1 tonne of Carbon. A tree cost around £12 and using someone like Hill Holt Woods ensures that  100% of your donation will help meet the objectives of the recipient.

Thank you for reading this post on the WAS Blog about the greener side to car dealer warranties! Image credit Scott Wylie via Flickr.