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New “UK Car Dealer Chat” Discussion Forum On LinkedIn!

Are you on LinkedIn? Are you a car dealer in the UK motor trade? Come join our new LinkedIn discussion forum entitled, UK Car Dealer Chat!

We have taken it upon ourselves to create a dedicated discussion forum for UK car dealers on LinkedIn. “UK Car Dealer Chat” is exclusive to UK motor dealers on LinkedIn, and a perfect place to network and talk about issues affecting the trade and share best practice. It’s not an area for selling or selflessly promoting offers, but instead to network and collaborate with like-minded UK motor trade folk!

We also plan to invite guest contributors, who can give insights into market changes and new developments!


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Visit the UK Car Dealer Chat Group

Click here to visit the join in the discussion! You will need to be logged into LinkedIn, and then click the big “join” button at the top! See you there!

Facebook & LinkedIn Developing New “At Work” Platforms

Social networking giants Facebook and LinkedIn are busy developing new business focused social platforms, for companies to enable their staff to collaborate and share information. Could this be a useful tool for car dealers?

Facebook has launched it’s new ‘Facebook at Work’ platform which will take on similar collaborative network solutions like Microsoft’s Yammer, Slack, Convo, Socialcast, and a number of others who are trying to tackle the “enterprise social network” space.

Not to be confused with your typical social network with endless streams of cat photos and videos of cute animals dancing, Facebook is developing a new business orientated space called Facebook At Work. Housed within the Facebook environment, this new separate space within the Facebook universe will allow companies and their staff to share information and collaborate within. A bit like an Intranet!

“Facebook at Work is a tool for co-workers to communicate and collaborate in a professional environment on Facebook.” – Facebook Website.

Checking out the Facebook website today I found support and help guides, and a registration form where businesses to sign up to the new platform.


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Eying the opportunities, professional network giant LinkedIn has also hinted at creating it’s own enterprise social network for employees to share contact information, as well as something intended to help companies share its content with specific employee groups. The LinkedIn solution according to recode.net, will not boast a chat feature.

Lars Rasmussen, an engineering director leading the London-based Facebook at Work project told the Financial Times: “Facebook has become a bigger and bigger part of our work day. We’ve been discussing it for years so now we’re making the first externally available product.”

A Facebook at Work app has apparently been made available to a selected group of pilot companies and the social network has outsourced the service to a number of partners in an attempt to fine-tune the platform before its launch.


Could these new internal business networks be a useful tool for car dealers?

With so many work focused collaborative software options available from big name players including Microsoft, I imagine larger dealer groups would have some form of preexisting intranet in place with existing software license commitments too.

However if the Facebook and LinkedIn solutions are free to use, possibly supported by advertising, they could drive a a lot of small to medium sized dealerships to take advantage of the collaborative power of the technology.


When the two platforms are released I shall hopefully have a more in-depth look! Thank you for reading this post on the WAS Blog!