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UK Vehicle Accident Whiplash Claims On The Rise

New study reveals the number UK vehicle accident whiplash claims among the highest in the world.

You might have been here before. You’re sitting in the car among a long line of traffic that isn’t going anywhere fast. It’s been a tiring week and it’s raining hard outside and you’re so looking forward to finally getting home and having a nice relaxing a cup of tea. Out of no where you see a little forward motion in the traffic jam and then it happens. Someone accidentally bumps their vehicle into the back of yours and all of a sudden – you’re both having a bad day.

Hopefully for most of us this kind of incident is resolved quickly and more importantly, no one is hurt. Unfortunately ‘whiplash’ is an injury quite common with vehicle accidents. It appears however that figures released by the insurer LV reveals that UK whiplash claims as a result of car accidents are above the European average.

The UK even has a higher percentage of whiplash claims compared to the US, with nearly 80% of all injury claims seeking compensation for whiplash.

LV report that whiplash claims are estimated to cost the insurance industry £2billion a year, adding a painful £90 to every insurance policy, and that the average driver receives five calls or text messages that offer financial remuneration after a crash. One in eight are contacted by a claims management group before they had even reported the accident to their insurer!

In light of recent trends, the Government has announced it will remove the right to “general damages for soft tissue injuries”, along with increasing the upper limit for the small claims court for personal injury claims from £1,000 to £5,000. LV believes however there is more the Government needs to do to curb the number of minor injury claims that raise the premiums of all motorists.

Martin Milliner, GI Claims Director of LV=insurance said: “Government makes one change to the system and the fraudsters find a way around it – meaning further action is needed and fraud persists. The more time it takes to implement changes, the easier it makes it for fraudsters to find another loophole, hitting the pocket of the honest consumer.

“We would like to see a quick and comprehensive response from Government to implement all the Insurance Fraud Taskforce’s recommendations.

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Twitter Car Dealers – A Hidden Gem

Step aside the rat race, and meet a collective well informed group of motoring professionals eager to develop, engage, and grow. Meet “Twitter Car Dealers”.

With LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter driving engagement as the powerhouses of the social media platforms, it’s very difficult to find a hidden gem. That “place” you can visit, chat, promote, and build a solid business relationship with other like-minded professionals in the motoring world. Well our Managing Director Alan Davison was invited to join Twitter Car Dealers, a small but highly active website that was “built by car dealers to discuss car dealer stuff”.

Alan described the site as a “hidden gem of social media” and would encourage all dealers large and small to spend a few minutes signing up and getting involved.


What is Twitter Car Dealers?

Twitter Car Dealers is a portal that allows you to engage with other motor trade professionals. It is closed to anyone not associated with the “trade”, meaning you can talk openly and frankly about issues that concern your livelihood. It is a website where you can give and receive advice on best practice, catch all the new developments in the trade, and keep up to speed with the latest industry news that will affect your business.

Most importantly, you can forge strong relationships with people that face the same daily challenges that you do, and you can find some great trading partners and get good honest feedback on any issue you share with the group.

To find out more, pop along to twittercardealers.ning.com to see what this hidden gem can bring to your business!

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Sheffield Used Car Dealer Hits the Right Notes For Charity

Sheffield dealership and service centre Mike Brewer Motors helps two children’s charities by raising over £500 for each-as one of their staff members sang in public.

Both ‘Cash For Kids’– who help disabled and disadvantaged children aged 0 to 18 years across 21 areas in the UK, and ‘Scotty’s Little Soldiers’- who aim to provide relief from the affects of bereavement to young people up to and including the age of 18 years who have suffered the loss of a parent serving with the British Armed Forces were delighted with the donation, from Bramall Lane dealership Mike Brewer Motors. TV presenter Mike Brewer was in America, filming the next season of Wheeler Dealers; so colleague Lee Holland was on hand to deliver the donations.

Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty's Little Soldiers Charity
Cash For Kids Charity, and Scotty’s Little Soldiers Charity

He said:
“It has been amazing to be in the position to raise so much to help two fantastic causes, so early in 2015. Both Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Cash For Kids do great work- all throughout the year; and we’re proud to help. We’d like to thank our local M&S store for allowing us to fundraise there, and to every member of the public that donated over the three days I was performing. Safe to say, I had no voice by the end of the three days; but it was certainly worth it!”


Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors
Lee Holland at Mike Brewer Motors

Lee Holland, from Mike Brewer Motors, in the process of raising funds by singing in Marks & Spencer Chesterfield

Louise Davies, Charity Manager for Cash For Kids added:
“It is fantastic to be chosen to receive such a valuable donation, and we are very grateful to Mike Brewer Motors, and the public for donating. This money will be distributed in our Spring Grant Round to support sick, disabled and disadvantaged children living in South Yorkshire.”

If you would like to donate to either charity, please visit www.cashforkids.uk.com or www.scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk

Mike Brewer Motors

Keep up to date with everything else that is going on at Mike Brewer Motors by visiting www.mikebrewermotors.com or following @mikebrewermotor on twitter.

Government Announces DVSA Formation

Roads Minister Stephen Hammond launched a new Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency in April.

The agency has been formed by the merger of the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). It aims to provide more convenient and cost effective services for motorists. The merger follows a consultation last year looking at how the government can reform its motoring services agencies to put customers first, reduce costs and improve consistency. DVSA will be responsible for setting, testing and enforcing driver and vehicle standards in Great Britain and employs more than 4,000 staff. This year it will:

  • Conduct 1.5 million theory tests and 1.6 million practical driving tests
  • Be responsible for regulating 28 million MOT tests
  • Carry out 137,000 roadside inspections
  • Issue 87,000 operator licences, as well as test and inspect 790,000 commercial vehicles