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F1 – The 2015 Formula 1 Season So Far

Formula 1. The pinnacle of motor racing, and the showcase of the best drivers in the world, racing the best cars in the world. We decided to lightly delve into the world of F1 and begin delivering round by round reports of the action!

Some of us here in the office often talk about the racing events of the weekend, including the “goings on” in the world of F1! So we thought we’d start doing a little “round by round” summary of all the action, and maybe expand into the other racing spectacles in the near future including MotoGP, and the Isle Of Man TT which is presently underway as I type this!


  • F1 2015: Round 1 – Australia

Mercedes dominated the season opener by locking out the front row of the grid during qualifying, Lewis Hamilton took Pole position with Nico Rosberg over half a second down on his team mate in 2nd, and that’s pretty much how it stayed for the race.

Hamilton led all but one lap, which was when he completed his mandatory pit stop. The race finished with Hamilton in 1st place, and Rosberg in 2nd. Vettel, Massa, Nasr were 3rd, 4th, 5th respectively, and Riccardo passed the chequered flag a lap down in 6th place.

F1 Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes


  • F1 2015: Round 2 – Malaysia

Tyres played a big part in round 2. In qualifying the top 2 places were held by Hamilton and Vettel respectively, however this would be reversed by the end of the race. Mercedes opted to use the harder, but ultimately slower of the 2 tyre compounds available for most of the race, only swapping to the softer compound for a short stint, Ferrari on the other hand opted to use the soft compound for the majority of the race which ultimately ensured that Vettel won comfortably from Hamilton in second, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Bottas and Massa rounded out the top 6.


  • F1 2015: Round 3 – China

Following an impressive performance in the previous round it was expected that Ferrari would bring to fight to Mercedes again in China, sadly the challenge did not materialise, as the practise sessions went by it transpired that Mercedes were getting on top of the tyre degradation issues that had dogged them in Malaysia.

Qualifying was a fairly predictable affair with Hamilton taking pole position from Rosberg, Vettel was 3rd almost a second slower than Hamilton.

Sadly the race was also a fairly predictable affair with Hamilton winning comfortably from Rosberg, the final gap was down to less than a second however Hamilton was easily in control, keeping Rosberg at arms length all race, only increasing his pace when necessary, Vettel came home in 3rd, Raikkonen, Massa and Bottas rounded out the top 6 once again.


  • F1 2015: Round 4 – Bahrain

Round 4 would once again see Hamilton in control, he took pole ahead of Vettel and Rosberg respectively during qualifying.

Sunday’s action was “as you were”. Hamilton took control winning the race comfortably. Raikkonen took second place after Rosberg ran wide after suffering a brake issue on the penultimate lap, Bottas, Vettel and Ricciardo rounded out the top 6.


  • F1 2015: Round 5 – Spain

Round 5 would see a slight change in qualifying with Rosberg taking the pole on this occasion from Hamilton,  sadly as is the case with F1 in the modern era the race would pan out in a predictable fashion, Rosberg taking the chequered flag from Hamilton, Vettel, Bottas, Raikkonen and Massa respectively.


  • F1 2015: Round 6 – Monaco

Mercedes locked out the front row of the grid in qualifying under the glamorous sunshine of Monaco. Hamilton taking pole from

Rosberg by a reasonable margin, the race however would prove to be somewhat controversial when after being in control for much of the race, Mercedes decided to pit Hamilton after a late safety car. This ensured that instead of Hamilton taking an almost certain win it was gifted to Rosberg, with Vettel picking up 2nd, Hamilton would come home in 3rd followed by Kvyat, Ricciardo and Raikkonen.

F1 Fernando Alonso, McLaren
Fernando Alonso, McLaren Honda


  • F1 2015: Round 7 – Canada

Race fans looking for excitement from round 7 of the championship were left disappointed. Canada did not deliver any real surprises. Qualifying followed the now familiar format of both Mercedes cars locking out the front row, Hamilton on pole with Rosberg second.

During the race, although I’m not sure “race” is an entirely accurate description but we’ll use it for now. During the race, Hamilton was in complete control as both leading cars were repeatedly told to ‘lift and coast’ to preserve fuel and brakes.

The race finished as predictably as it started with Hamilton taking a comfortable win, followed home by Rosberg, Bottas, Raikkonen, Vettel and Massa.

Excitement? Well a Groundhog  wandered onto the track midway through the action causing Felipe Massa to deviate ever so slightly offline to avoid a collision. Quite ironic really given the plot of the famous Groundhog related film and the predictability of the current F1 format.

Mr Groundhog

The next round of the F1 is the Austrian Grand Prix on June 21st, and we’ll include a race report in our next newsletter!

Thank you for reading this WAS Blog post on the latest Formula 1 2015 season! Header images credit thanks to First Stop, Mark Kent, and Micheal Elleray. Image credit Antonio Moles, and Todd Petit.