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Driver Caught Speeding – To Speed Awareness Course

You wake up late one morning. The alarm didn’t go off. Must get that fixed. You’re late. Really late. You’re late for your Speed Awareness Course! Now, do you do the sensible thing and reschedule? Or somehow make it there on time. Oh the irony!

Now admittedly this article is not strictly news about┬áthe motor trade. Nor does it discuss the “pros” of our fabulous self-funded warranty that has for over 30 years, championed used car dealers interests, and become a fundamental part of some of the most trusted names in the industry. However. You have to laugh at this one.

A driver was caught by police speeding along the M6 at almost 100mph. When they pulled him over, he told them why he was rushing. He was late for his speed awareness course!

The driver caught speeding, in his 50s who was behind the wheel of a Nissan Pathfinder can now expect a summons to drop through his letterbox. He was caught speeding on the M6 toll between Lichfield and Burntwood in Staffordshire.

Now even though is quite a funny story, we at WAS regard speeding is such a dangerous choice to make on the roads. If you’re late for something, then it’s best to get there safely than endanger not only yourself, but the lives of others. Drive safe and smart on the roads people.

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