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Your Website Is Your Virtual Forecourt

Welcome to another “two pennies worth” by The Manager from the Warranty Admin Video Series!

Greetings my dear reader, it’s the Manager here from the Warranty Admin Video Series! So today I wanted to talk about websites and the internet. After a frustrating time trying to buy Barry Manilow tickets online for Martha and I, it got me thinking – it seems nearly everything and everyone has some sort of presence on the interweb nowadays. A way to say ‘hello world – here I am’ and communicate with friends, colleagues, or customers with the minimum of effort and expense.

Yes indeedy. Gone are the days where you randomly phoned a friend for a polite chinwag to talk cricket and the weather. If you call someone out of the blue nowadays you end up going straight to voicemail while the person on the other end decides if they actually know your number, or if it’s morally ethical to answer the phone whilst sat on the toilet!

Nowadays it seems a vast majority of people prefer to talk, read, and shop online. Everyone is doing it! At home, on the Tube, at work, in bed… it’s so easy to pick up the nearest handheld gadget and take a virtual stroll through a shopping emporium – or perhaps say, a used car dealer website.

“With an estimated 7.14 million cars being sold in 2015, the used car market in the UK is the largest in Europe. But with the wealth of data available online, car shoppers today are increasingly searching online before making a decision on their purchase.” (Inspire Through Insights, 2016).

Before a customer even sets foot upon the hallowed ground of your pristine forecourt to brush their fingertips over the shiny stock you purvey – chances are they will have taken several minutes ‘checking your business out’ online.

Your website has become the new front door to your dealership. The first impression you make to passers by. If your website is slow to load, it’s like having the front door to your showroom stuck ever so slightly ajar as your customer tries frustratingly to push it open. You know what happens then? After a few seconds they give up, hit the back button on their browser and get invited to watch funny videos of cats dancing the Macarena!

From my own research and also hearing Scott Sinclair from Google Motors talk at this years amazing CDX’16, the two important features for any used car dealer website is the speed in which it loads, and how cleanly it presents relevant information. If someone visits your site wanting to see cars – give them cars! Avoid tricky menus and flashy banners. Give the user as little work to do as possible.

Also take a look at your website on your mobile phone or tablet. Is it loading quickly when not on WiFi? Is your website ‘responsive’ in that it cleverly recognises the visitor is using a handheld device and adjusts your website layout to make everything big and easy to read?

My friends! A migration is afoot! Consumers have your forecourt in the palm of their hand and even though you may have the perfect car for them, is the performance of your website upholding the standard of your vehicles?

How your virtual forecourt presents your stock is just as important as the showroom the customer will walk into.

Just pick up your phone and visit your site to see how it performs. Is your stock appearing straight away and easily scrollable? Are the photos you’ve taken bright and detailed? Blurry dull images of cars parked in front of wheelie bins or a skip will struggle to entice a visitor to browse more. Take your time with your pictures and use a decent camera or a phone camera. You can even upload videos nowadays which offers the customer even more of a personalised experience.

With people flocking online to research their next purchase and make the most informed decision possible, and the huge amount of competition there is in the motor trade, it’s so easy for someone to hit the back button on above your website and go somewhere else.

Right, I’m going to try buying those Barry Manilow tickets again, let’s hope the page loads otherwise it’s another Friday night dinner at Martha’s mother-in-law’s house!

Speak soon everyone,

A new look at Motoring from the Manager!

Welcome to a new shiny look at the world of motoring brought to you by “The Manager” from the Warranty Admin Video Series!

Greetings reader! It’s the Manager here from the critically acclaimed Warranty Admin Video Series! I’m emailing you because the wonderful people at Warranty Admin asked if I’d write a short “two-pennies’ worth” on the motor industry every once in a while! I jumped at the chance!

So I’ll pick something topical on the motor trade, unsheathe my pen, and strike at its heart with a gallant thrust towards your inbox! I hope you enjoy this read, and please be gentle – it’s my first time!

Changing into Top Gear

It was a lazy Saturday morning on a weekend where I was determined to slow down, and smell the instant coffee. After a long week serving as a beacon for my customers at the dealership, I felt it was time to relax.

Wearing my new union-jack pajamas the good wife had bought me for St George’s Day, I strolled through my little castle to discover the glorious English sunshine beaming through into the conservatory. I had to act quickly. Making myself a glass of ice-cold dandelion-burdock I flicked on the small conservatory television, sat upon the floral wicker sofa, and began basking in the British Summertime ambiance.

My slumber was rudely interrupted by a TV news report about the ever popular Top Gear programme, and how the hosts of the show were leaping to another channel and being replaced by a new group of bushy-tailed celebrities! As I lay upon the sofa in a dazed and slightly confused state, it got me thinking – if I were to run Top Gear, what would I do differently? How would I whet the appetites of my viewers and still give them enough to chew on? Here’s a few things I would change!

Smaller Portions of Supercars

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the thrill of walking into a showroom, gently brushing my fingertips across the body of a deluxe supercar and tickling her behind the wing mirror – but how many times must I endure someone shrieking on the TV whilst wildly manhandling yet another piece of motoring exotica?


Now I appreciate the lure of forbidden motoring fruits, but has too much of a good thing soured its flavour? If I were in charge, I’d deliver supercars in small rare portions! Something that delicious made from the finest materials should be gifted once in a while, served upon a backdrop of native twisty roads and city streets. I’d also have another journalist drive a more-affordable car to compare and compete against! To give viewers a down-to-earth alternative to relate to, and also illustrate in a fun way the differences between the leagues of motor car. You could even have some interesting battles between the two feature cars and have trending social media hashtags such as #FiestaVsFerrari.


Engage the audience! Everyone loves a competition! However rather than repeat an over-staged Bond-like race to the finish, you could introduce entertainment to genuine road tests and bring the average viewer into the experience by having relatable content!

Less Celebrities. More Personalities!

A simple change! Tip the balance of featured guests to include those spearheading the industry, rather than figure heads of the industry. I know that celebrities can be exciting and amusing – but I’d love to hear more from those people on the ground! Some of the most interesting characters in the dealership are found under the ramps, maintaining the customers cars and making the rest of us look good! So instead of featuring a Formula 1 racing driver, why not feature the mechanic behind the Championship winning car? Less celebrities. More personalities!

Save The Caravans!

Some of my fondest holiday memories are of when Martha and I would take our caravan ‘Candyfloss’ to a sun kissed summertime Skegness. Ahhh the beach! The donkeys! Sitting on the pier as the North Sea lapped at the clean golden sands below. So every time I watch an innocent caravan being blown up for a giggle on Top Gear – I can sense my dear Candyfloss on the driveway shedding a tear! Do you agree we should save the caravans!?


Perhaps I’m in the minority on this one.

So that’s my two-pennies’ worth! I’m intrigued to see what changes they might make to this cornerstone of British television when it airs soon, and I wonder, what would you change to Top Gear? Do you enjoy the present format, or would you like to see it return to a more traditional programme?

Right! It’s time for me to mow the lawn as it’s looking like a jungle out there, and several of Martha’s undergarments have been blown off the washing line! I’ll let you know if I find them.

Speak soon everyone,


Who is The Manager? The Manager is a fictional character created by Warranty Administration Services Ltd who features in our ongoing web series. The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are meant to be fun, offer an alternative independent non-offensive view on the motor industry and wider topics, and are not representative of the views of Warranty Administration Services Ltd. To watch the latest video featuring the Manager, click the link below.