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UK New Car Sales March 2015 “Longest Period Of Growth”

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Buckle yourselves in! For the 37th consecutive month the UK car market has experienced growth, with March 2015 being “the best month this century” for new car registrations!

  • UK new car sales March 2015 figures reveal best month this century with nearly half a million cars registered in March, up 6.0% on same month last year.
  • Fleet market continues to drive growth‎.
  • New car market grew 12.0% in February with 76,958 cars registered.

Figures released today by the SMMT reveal a record breaking 492,774 cars were registered in March 2015. These UK New Car Sales 2015 figures indicate this is the best month since the twice-yearly number plate changes were introduced in 1999! Registrations so far this year have increased by 6.8% to 734,588.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “The best month this century for new car registrations is a welcome boost for the UK’s thriving automotive sector. The challenge for a new government and industry will be to maintain this momentum and to strengthen Britain’s manufacturing capabilities through continued investment, innovation and policies which maintain our global competitiveness. Whatever the general election result, the new government must keep up the commitment to the sector which is delivering at home and abroad.”

Looking back a month further, February is traditionally one of the quietest months of the year ahead of a number plate change in March, yet the market grew 12.0% with 76,958 new cars registered.

“The UK car market’s sustained expansion is the longest ever seen, beating the previous record of 26 months set in the late 1980’s” – SMMT.

The number of new cars registered has risen every month since March 2012, as the UK continues to bounce back from the recession and consumer demand has been driven by exciting new products and attractive finance deals.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive said, “Three years of continuous growth in the new car market is remarkable and reflects the strong upturn in the confidence of UK car buyers since the recession.”

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