What is the cost of saying hello?

What is the cost of saying hello?

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What is the cost of saying hello? Our resident database guru and business entrepreneur Rob Purle asks a very searching question!

I had a meeting recently with a lady who acts as a Finance Director for SMEs to assist them through periods of change or growth.

During our conversation, she made the point that not only does she consider the obvious finance of a business; expenses, salaries, revenues and so on, but also what it might cost a business if, for example, the telephone is answered in the wrong way.  Unhelpful, inattentive receptionists and the like.

 In other words, what is the cost of saying “hello”?

 It set me thinking.

As fate would have it, on the very same day, I was listening to a presentation by a sign-writer, and he told the story of a client for whom he had created some temporary signs designed to be in use for just three months, yet were still in use many months later when he visited his client.  They were, unsurprisingly, looking rather shabby.  In the client’s eyes, however, they still looked “perfect”.

It set me thinking.

What else have we become so accustomed to in our daily lives that we cannot see (or hear) what our customers see and hear?  How do we “say hello” to our customers?  Is the culture in our business costing us money?  If our customer decides to give their cash to a competitor just because we can’t say hello properly, what is the value of the business lost?

When I started thinking about it, we say hello all over the place!  Yes, it is how we answer the telephone.  Yes, it is how smart the signs are above the door.  It is in many other ways too, and you will be able to create your own list.

  • Do our websites make customers want to say hello?  Can they even find our contact details?
  • Are the company vehicles clean and cared for? Are they driven courteously and professionally?
  • Do we turn up late for meetings?   Do we respond in a timely fashion to enquiries (and just as importantly, complaints)?

This list will have many similarities for all businesses, and no doubt some special ones of our own, but I suggest it is a list worth making, then take a step back, and look at what you see with a fresh pair of eyes.

Does the way in which we “say hello” suggest that we care?  Would you give your hard-earned cash to someone you thought didn’t care?

Makes you think!

Meet The Author
The author of this post Rob Purle has been a trusted partner to WAS for many years, and a vital part of our internal database development and strategy. You can visit Rob’s  website by clicking here: www.purleltd.com

Image credit Flazingo Photos via Flickr.