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Crystal Clear Warranty Or Third Party Warranty?

Which warranty is right for your business?
Traditional 'Third Party' Warranty
You buy a warranty from a third party. They take on the risk and pay for any valid claims against the warranty. They also have free reign to reject claims without informing you, and they can redirect your customer to other dealerships or workshops without informing you. They can also remarket your customer for themselves at the end of the warranty period.

Crystal Clear Warranty
Crystal Clear Warranty puts you in control. You have authority over the claims process enabling you to manage your customer aftersales experience, and you can direct us on how to manage your programme and your customers. Also, unique to Crystal Clear Warranty, we enable you to build up a claims contingency fund in your accounts accounts giving you an instant cashflow benefit – instead of passing on any premiums to a third party. You also keep 100% of the expired warranty fund surplus.

crystal clear warranty or 3rd party warranty
The warranty solution that has been matured and perfected over 35 years.

We pioneered self-funded warranties in 1984, offering used car dealers an alternative to the traditional third party warranty. Today, Crystal Clear Warranty allows motor dealers to profit directly from the quality of the vehicles they sell.
Comic timing. Serious benefits.

Watch our videos and discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can support your customer values and deliver new profit to your business.

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What are the differences between Crystal Clear Warranty and a traditional 'third party' warranty?
  Third Party Warranty

The Money
Third party warranties are the traditional solution where you 'buy in' a warranty from a warranty company. For example, you spend £150 on a warranty. That premium gives you a warranty to cover against any claims on your customers' vehicle.

When the warranty expires, the warranty company keeps the expired fund surplus as profit.

If a vehicle develops a fault, your customer calls the warranty company who should take care of the claim on your behalf. However, you have to remember the warranty company has a vested interest to keep as much of your premium as possible. They do this by rejecting claims, and after doing so, and will often send your unhappy customer straight back to you without warning.

traditional fully insured warranty
  Crystal Clear Warranty

The Money
Instead of paying £150 to a third party, you keep that money into your own accounts. With every vehicle sale you put a designated 'funding' aside to build a Claims Contingency Fund which we report on and manage for you.

When the warranty expires, you keep 100% of the expired fund surplus.

Admin Fee
With Crystal Clear Warranty, the only cost you pay is a small admin fee per warranty and a set up fee which you can actually get back after 12 months. With Crystal Clear Warranty you receive a range of dealer benefits and a choice of warranty support levels. All this managed by a company who have managed dealer own warranties since 1984.

In the event of a claim your customer contacts us. Our dedicated Claims Team will work on your behalf and contact you before rejecting a claim. We give you the opportunity to resolve the situation or simply authorise the claim if you feel it's in your best interest.

Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty

Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty
What happens to the remaining claims fund when a Crystal Clear Warranty expires?

100% of all expired claims fund surplus is yours. It goes straight to your profit. This is what we mean by 'helping dealers profit directly from the quality of the vehicles they sell.'

This is unique to our warranty and the reason why some of the biggest names in the motor trade trust us to manage their warranty programme.
Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty
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Crystal Clear Warranty Vs Third Party Warranty
Warranty Feature Self-Funded Warranty Insured Warranty
Who takes on the claims risk? You do. The warranty company.
Who receives the expired warranty claims fund? You. 100%. The warranty company.
Allows you to profit from your warranty programme. Yes. As warranties expire, the remaining fund is your profit. No.
Provides dedicated claims handling service. Yes. Yes.
Who has the final say in rejecting a claim? You. Our Claims Team work on your behalf. The warranty company.
Allows you to go beyond customer expectations, and cover parts that are not covered. Yes. No.
Claims Team will contact you before any claim is rejected. Yes. No.
Acts in your best interest, and supports your customer care policy. Yes. No.
Delivers you an instant cash flow benefit to your business. Yes. You hold all the money in your accounts. No.
Allows you to set a maximum third party repair labour rate. Yes. Yes.
Display your branding on warranty paperwork, personalised to your customer. Yes. No.
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Helping Motor Dealers For Over 35 Years

We manage warranty programmes for some of the biggest and most respected names in the motor trade, and have retained many clients for over 20 years.

Our long term business relationships succeed because we are recognised by senior management as the 'safe and trusted pair of hands' to manage their warranty. We save our clients precious time allowing them to concentrate on other areas of the business.
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