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Self-Funded Warranty Vs Traditional Warranty

"Which warranty is right for my business?"

Used car, van, and motorcycles dealers come in all shapes and sizes and choosing the a warranty can have dramatic effects on the success of your business.
When it comes to choosing the best warranty to suit you and your customers, there are usually two options:

Fully insured warranties
Where you 'buy in' a warranty from a third party company to cover the vehicle. After the sale, you hand over the customer and the 'risk' to the warranty company.

Self-funded warranties
Rather than pay a third party company to handle the risk, our programme enables you to 'retain' that money in your own accounts. You use that 'pot of money' to pay for warranty claims and 100% of the expired claims fund surplus goes straight to your profit.
self-funded warranty vs fully insured warranty
Our warranty solutions are 'self-funded' warranties

We pioneered the self-funded warranty in 1984, offering used car dealers an alternative to the traditional fully insured warranties. Self-funded warranties allow used car dealers to profit directly from the quality of the vehicles they are selling. 33 years later, we are the experts in managing dealer's own self-funded warranties.
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What are the differences between a traditional insured warranty and our self-funded warranty?
  Fully Insured Warranties

The Money
Traditional insured warranties require you to purchase a warranty from a third party company. Say for example, you buy a warranty for £150. This hands over all the 'risk' (and your customer) to the warranty company.

If something goes wrong with the vehicle, the warranty company handles the claim and your customer. They have complete authority to accept or reject that claim. Remember the warranty company has a vested interest to retain as much of your money as possible by rejecting claims.
traditional fully insured warranty
  Self-Funded Warranty

The Money
Instead of paying £150 to someone else, you 'retain' that £150 into your own accounts. We do not hold your money.

With every vehicle sale, you put a designated 'funding' into your own accounts to accumulate a pot of money. So for example, you sell 10 vehicles a month and put aside 150 for each, you've just accumulated 1,500 to cover claims.

Admin Fee
You pay a small admin fee for each warranty you register. This is our only cost to you. For that you receive the most trusted hands in the business supplying self-funded warranties for over 33 years. You also receive a dedicated Claims Team working on your behalf, detailed monthly reports, access to our online agreement system, client support, staff training and more.

In the event of a claim, your customer calls us. Our dedicated Claims Team will work on your behalf, and will contact you before rejecting a claim. We give you the opportunity to authorise the claim if you feel it's in your best interest.
Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty

Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty
What happens to the claims fund as self-funded warranties expire?

100% of all expired claims fund surplus is yours. It goes straight to your profit. This is what we mean by 'helping dealers profit directly from the quality of the vehicles they sell.'

This is unique to our warranty, and the reason why many of the biggest names in the UK motor trade trust us to manage and supply their warranty programme.
Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty
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WAS Self-Funded Warranty Vs Fully Insured Warranty
Warranty Feature Self-Funded Warranty Insured Warranty
Who's risk do you want to cover? Yours only. Everyone.
Who receives the expired warranty claims fund? You. 100%. The warranty company.
Allows you to profit from your warranty programme. Yes. As warranties expire, the remaining fund is your profit. No.
Provides dedicated claims handling service. Yes. Yes.
Who has the final say in rejecting a claim? You. Our Claims Team work on your behalf. The warranty company.
Allows you to go beyond customer expectations, and cover parts that are not covered. Yes. No.
Claims Team will contact you before any claim is rejected. Yes. No.
Acts in your best interest, and supports your customer care policy. Yes. No.
Delivers you an instant cash flow benefit to your business. Yes. You hold all the money in your accounts. No.
Allows you to set a maximum third party repair labour rate. Yes. Yes.
Display your branding on warranty paperwork, personalised to your customer. Yes. No.
Crystal Clear Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty Warranty Administration Services Ltd Clients Warranty Administration Services Ltd Car Dealer Warranty Administration Services Ltd Car Dealer
33 years' experience supplying self-funded warranties

We manage self-funded warranty programmes for some of the biggest and most respected names in the UK motor trade, and we have retained many large clients for over 20 years.

Our long term business relationships succeed because we are recognised by senior management as the "safe and trusted pair of hands" to manage their warranty for them. We save our clients precious time, allowing them to concentrate on other areas of the business.
Which self-funded warranty solution is right for you?

We offer two comprehensive tailored warranty solutions for UK car dealers.

Crystal Clear Warranty
Our fully managed self-funded warranty. We provide full claims handling and complete administration support. The choice for established motor dealers and groups looking to profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

Drivecover Pro
A warranty solution for small used car dealers and new traders. We provide you with the tools to run your own warranty, including an enhanced cover-level benefit of nationwide rescue & recovery!

Which Self-Funded Car Dealer Warranty?
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