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Crystal Clear Warranty Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why should I choose Crystal Clear Warranty over other warranties?
Unlike traditional warranties where you pour money in and get little in return, Crystal Clear Warranty delivers you a range of benefits including 100% profit return on your expired warranties, and complete authority over any claim.

With Crystal Clear Warranty, we put you in control, and expertly support you with a standard of service backed by over 33 years in the business. Many of the UK's most trusted dealer groups and independents trust our warranty to give their customers peace of mind, whilst upholding their standard of customer care.


Q: How is Crystal Clear Warranty different to traditional warranties?
Crystal Clear Warranty is the self-funded warranty that's been used by motor dealers for over 33 years. Our warranty delivers you control, new profit, and the opportunity to go above and beyond for your customers.

Instead of paying your usual "premium" to the warranty company who have a vested interest in keeping as much of it as possible, we enable you to keep that money in your own accounts. This money becomes the fund behind your Crystal Clear Warranty, and the foundation to help empower your customer experience.

Our warranty is the only one that has wording 'Crystal Marked' for clarity by the Plain English Campaign. Making it easy for your customers to understand, and easy for you to promote.


Q: How much does Crystal Clear Warranty cost?
All you pay is a small administration charge per warranty of between 15 to 19, depending on the level of administration support, claims handling support, and POS material you choose.


Q: What do I get for my administration fee?
All our warranty support levels give you Plain English Campaign approved wording, a wide choice of cover levels and cover periods and a minimum 3 months' UK rescue and recovery.

You can further enhance your service by choosing additional benefits such as claims administration, reporting, product training, on-site visits, and focussed marketing material.


Q: Am I at risk using a self-funded warranty?
Yes. Self-funding your own warranty means you must cover the risk should something go wrong with a customer's vehicle. However, just consider what happens with a traditional warranty when you have an unfairly rejected claim: not only have you paid a premium for that warranty, you're also having to cover the repair costs to keep your customer happy!

Our 33 years of experience has shown us that, for quality dealers who prepare their vehicles well and take care of their customers interests, a self-funded warranty will become not only a substantial new profit stream for your business, it will also give you the cashflow advantages and control to go above and beyond for your customers.


Q: How much would I need to set aside to fund claims?
This depends on the profile of the stock you sell, but with our 33 years of claims data we are able to give an accurate claims prediction for any dealer. To start with, we often recommend funding your warranty at the same amount you previously bought warranties for. This enables you to instantly see the benefits with a direct comparison.


Q: What if I had a large claim as soon as I started?
This can happen, and can be a concern that puts dealers off a self-funded warranty. However, the Claims Fund tends to recover very quickly. Just think however, if an early claim happened against an insured warranty, no doubt the warranty company would reject the claim leaving you to pay for the repair.


Q: With Crystal Clear Warranty, who keeps the expired claims profit?
You do. 100%.


Q: Who holds the claims pot?
You do. Holding this money in your own accounts also gives you an instant cash-flow benefit.


Q: Who has authority on accepting or rejecting claims?
You do. Our Claims Managers work on your behalf based on your instructions, and will contact you before rejecting a claim. This gives you a unique opportunity to decide how the claim should be handled before your customer even knows about it. You could even choose to cover an item not listed on the warranty using your claims pot, to go above and beyond your customer expectations.


Q: Do I have to be FCA registered?
No. Crystal Clear Warranty is not an insurance product, and therefore does not require FCA involvment.
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For advice on warranties and to discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can benefit your business and your customers - call 01522 515600 today.
Q: What happens if my customer's vehicle develops a fault?
Depending on the level of service you choose, your customer would call our dedicated UK based Claims Team for advice and guidance on what to do next, and where to take the vehicle for diagnosis.


Q: If my customer contacts the Claims Team, am I kept informed?
Yes. Unlike traditional warranty companies who will liaise with and instruct your customer without you knowing, we keep you informed every step of the way.


Q: What if I prefer the customer to use my own garage for repairs?
We do everything in our power to encourage your customer back to you for repairs. In some cases, it may not be feasible to return the vehicle. In which case, we will direct your customer to any reputable VAT registered garage and keep you informed along the way.


Q: What happens when the customer takes their vehicle to another garage for repair?
We keep you informed. 100%. If the vehicle is local to you we will give you the opportunity to have the vehicle sent to your garage. If this is not feasible, we will ensure that any work being proposed is covered and within your designated parts costs and labour rates, and then contact you for your approval. We will never authorise a claim at another garage without your consent.


Q: What about rescue and recovery?
We include a FREE 3 months' UK rescue and recovery with every Crystal Clear Warranty! GenAssist will give your customers added peace of mind when they drive away with doorstep assistance, breakdown assistance and nationwide recovery.

Testimonial by Simon Palmer
Used Car Sales Director, The Hendy Group
Hendy is a multi-franchise dealer group spanning over 20 sites in the south of England.

“ Rather than pour money into a third party warranty company who would profit from the high standard of our vehicles, Crystal Clear Warranty delivers the entire claims fund surplus back to us as profit. ”

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