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Helping motor dealers provide the best warranty for their customers since 1984.
Warranty Administration Services Ltd   We are Warranty Administration Services Ltd. One of the longest established suppliers of aftermarket warranty solutions to UK motor dealers.

Our vision today has remained the same since 1984 - to deliver a quality of service to motor dealers that is second to none, based upon honesty and shared positive customer focussed values. Some of business relationships go back over 27 years which we believe is a testimant to our excellent standard of service.

Based in the historic city of Lincoln we are passionate contributors to the local community, often raising money and awareness for local charities and taking part in city events.
From then to now.

We have experienced and embraced over 33 years of technological, legislative, and perception change in this industry we love so much. Our team is passionate about delivering warranty solutions that are second to none, and you can be confident we will work alongside your team to champion your best interests, and customer values.

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  Warranty Administration Services Ltd
The old traditional warranty book   What's our story?

We first began looking after motor dealer warranties in 1984. Back then, the trade was a very different place. Warranties were fighting a bad reputation as companies took advantage of high premiums and delivered unfair practices to motor dealers and their customers.

We entered the market that year with a vision. To take the power away from traditional warranty companies and put it firmly in the hands of the motor dealers themselves. We pioneered the first dealer own 'self-funded' warranty programme in 1984, which allowed the motor dealer to;
  • Hold the claims fund in-house, instead of paying premiums to a third party.
  • Have complete authority over claims decisions.
  • Keep 100% of the expired warranty claims surplus as profit.

Motor dealers began using our programme to deliver a warranty they had control over. Our clients could now use their new cash-flow advantage and claims fund to exceed customer expectations, and even cover rejectable claims to keep the customer happy. Something you'd never get from a traditional warranty company.
Celebrating long standing relationships with trusted motor dealers.
What can we offer you?
  • With Crystal Clear Warranty, you are in full control with complete authority over any warranty claim.
  • You recieve 100% of the expired warranty fund surplus as new profit.
  • Unique to Crystal Clear Warranty, you to keep the warranty 'fund' in your own bank accounts giving you instant cash flow benefits.
  • Full UK rescue & recovery included with every Crystal Clear Warranty to give your customers added peace of mind.
  • The choice of a range of warranty support levels and benefits to suit you.
  • Industry leading support and expert administration with over 35 years experience as a warranty supplier.
The Crystal Clear Warranty
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Download your free warranty pack and discover how our warranty solutions can benefit your business and your customers. Crystal Clear Warranty helps some of the largest dealer groups in the UK to profit from their warranty, and take control of their aftersales process. Would you like to talk with one of our team? Call us on 01522 515600 for free advice, and discover how we can help you take control of your warranty.
Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Home of the Crystal Clear Warranty. Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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About Warranty Administration Services Ltd
Established in 1984, we are the pioneers of used car dealer self-funded warranty. The Crystal Clear Warranty helps used car dealers take control of their warranty and aftersales experience, and allows them profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

If you're frustrated with your current warranty provider, call us today on 01522 515600, or click to read more about our warranties.

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Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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