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Crystal Clear Warranty

Take control with the original alternative to a traditional car dealer warranty.
Take control of your warranty and discover a new profit stream for your business.

Crystal Clear Warranty is the original alternative to a traditional 'third party' car dealer warranty, since 1984. Some of the most trusted dealers in the motor trade enjoy the wide range of benefits Crystal Clear Warranty delivers, including;
  • 100% control over any warranty claim.
  • Receive 100% of the expired warranty surplus.
  • Keep the fund in your own accounts for instant cash flow benefits.
  • Choose from a range of warranty support levels.
  • Your warranty is managed by us. We bring over 33 years of administration experience, working alongside you to deliver the best experience for your customers.

Why pay for a third party warranty and never get anything back? Why lose your customer to a warranty company who have a vested interest to reject your claims? Discover Crystal Clear Warranty today by calling 01522 515600 or download a free warranty pack.

  Crystal Clear Warranty
100% Expired Warranty Profit Return
In the last 12 months, motor dealers using Crystal Clear Warranty shared over £1.23million in expired warranty profits through our 100% profit return policy. Also, unlike traditional warranties where you pay a premium and never see that money again, our warranty enables you to keep the claims fund in your own accounts.
Complete Warranty Claims Control
Crystal Clear Warranty gives you complete authority over your warranty claims. This means you can decide to cover a failed part that is not listed on your warranty. This benefit, unique to Crystal Clear Warranty, gives you the opportunity to exceed customer expectations by covering an item that other warranty companies might reject.
Industry Leading Support
With Crystal Clear Warranty, you receive support that is second to none in the motor trade. For over 33 years, we have championed the best interests of our motor dealers, ensuring they can deliver a warranty that meets the high expectations of their customers.
Watch our Video Series and discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can support your customer values, and deliver new profit to your business.
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Client Testimonial

" I first heard of Warranty Administration Services in 1986 when I was the Managing Director of Turret Motor Co Ltd. I would strongly urge anyone considering a move away from third warranties to sign up with the team at WAS, and the profits will start accumulating. "
Crystal Clear Warranty Support   Dedicated support.

With Crystal Clear Warranty, you will receive a standard of service and support second to none. With over three decades of experience helping motor dealers get the best from their warranty, we are regarded as the experts and 'the safe pair of hands' in dealer warranty management.
Our experience. Your success.

" We bring over 33 years experience as a motor trade warranty provider. Our partners include some of the UK's largest and most trusted dealer groups. "
Discover new profits with Crystal Clear Warranty

The Crystal Clear Warranty is based on our original self-funded car dealer warranty which we pioneered in 1984. Over 33 years delivering new profits and championing motor dealers best interests, has earned Crystal Clear Warranty a respected and trusted reputation in the trade.

To learn more about self-funded warranties and how Crystal Clear Warranty can benefit you, have a look at our warranty comparison page.

Crystal Clear Warranty
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For advice on warranties and to discover how Crystal Clear Warranty can benefit your business and your customers - call 01522 515600 today.
Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Home of the Crystal Clear Warranty. Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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About Warranty Administration Services Ltd
Established in 1984, we are the pioneers of used car dealer self-funded warranty. The Crystal Clear Warranty helps used car dealers take control of their warranty and aftersales experience, and allows them profit from the quality of the vehicles they sell.

If you're frustrated with your current warranty provider, call us today on 01522 515600, or click to read more about our warranties.

Warranty Administration Services Ltd. Established 1984.
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